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13 WTF Thando Thabethe Bikini images

Thando Thabethe Bikini pics are sickening!!!The first time we met Thando Thabethe was when she was hosting the Kardashian Beauty launch at Foschini stores. It was a wonderful evening and Thando is a wonderful host. This young lady is one optimistic, hard working, charismatic human being. She is a South African actress, radio DJ, television host and the first ever African brand ambassador for Nivea. And lately she is the ambassador of her own brand Thabootys, a shape-wear, underwear and swim wear brand.

Thando Thabethe Bikini collection

Thando’s collections consist of a slew of bright and sexy Bikini pieces. The shape-wear comes in mostly black or nude colors. Underwear collection consists of mostly black, maroon, nude and white colours. But since its almost summer, the Thabooty swim wear collection has possessed us.

The Thabooty collection is amazing, with a variety of different options to choose from. Our favourite is the Explosive Swimsuit.
Explosion Swimsuit” comes with a sarong and it is currently available in bright orange and black. This Explosive Swimsuit is perfect for those lazy beach days when you haven’t yet decided whether you want to get your hair wet or not. Because it comes with a sarong, you can wear it as is to a beach dinner party. Awsomesauce!!! You can purchase yours HERE

Body Confidence

Thando is the definition of body confidence. A body-confident young woman feels free to be herself and to follow her dreams. She feels free to fulfill her potential and make a difference in the world and this is what Thando Thabethe embodies.

No girl or young woman should be held back by worries about the way she looks. We talk about body confidence because its been documented that girls, no matter their size or height, always feel inferior to others, for whatever reason. We STAN a queen who knows herself and flaunts the body that God has given her fearlessly. SEE PICTURE NUMBER 11.

Swimwear for all women

We also love that Thabooty Swimwear is designed for women with different body sizes. It would have been disappointing to visit a proudly South African brand that doesn’t cater to its people aka the Curvaceous, bootylicious girls and women of our beautiful land.

See some Thabootys HERE and read more celebrity stories HERE. N.B not all the swimwear in these images are from the Thabooty collection. Images all from Thando Thabethe Twitter and Instagram.



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