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Tempel Wines, where the grapes do the talking! –

 Despite the well-publicized challenges the local industry faces and arguably the most impacted wine industry in the world by Covid-19, South Africa continues to make the best wines in its history. Tempel Wines is proof in a bottle that local is lekker with their wine range tale. 

“Every winery has a story to tell about its history and about its wines. At Tempel Wines, we are looking to create a story in each of our bottles. Our philosophy is to let the grapes do the talking,” says Owner, Tom Heeremans.

A hidden gem, set against the spectacular backdrop of the Paarl Mountains on the Berg River, Tempel Wines tells a compelling story of high-quality selection of hand-crafted wines on offer. The winery makes modern wines with minimal intervention using classic crafts and sustainable practices to keep farming as natural as possible.

Adds Tempel Winemaker, Neil Marais: “We take great care to select only the best cultivars and rootstocks given the climatological circumstances and different soils at our vineyards. We create modern wines that reflect the character and soul of the region with minimal intervention, using classic crafts.”

Previously known for Pinotage, Tempel Wines world-class vintners have since shifted their attention to Mediterranean cultivars, including Cinsaut, Shiraz, Mouvèdre, and 2019 new additions Grenache and Tempranillo. Each bottle is infused with the unique character of the region and wine names that have gravitas, humour, intrigue, descriptiveness, and emotional resonance:

SORGVRY: “Without Worries”

SKEMERDANS: “A Dance At Sunset”

OOGWINK: Wink Eye” (a bit spicy and seducing like the Shiraz varietal) 

TYDSAAM: “Slowly” (as this is a wine to age)

Newly revived since the vineyard’s takeover by Heeremans in 2017, Tempel Wines has become a boutique winery with a difference. Since the beginning, the winery has had a strong sense of connection to its local community. A vegetable garden including pumpkin, butternut, tomatoes, fennel, onion, capsicum, leek, celery, zucchini, cucumber, squash, cabbage, etc. has recently been established to supply vegetables to the staff and to help the local community push through these difficult times, namely the Magda’s soup kitchen in Paarl.

Like a painting – the composition or structure evoke a certain emotion in every moment. It is with this intention the Tempel cellar is a unique experience in itself for visitors to the estate. Boasting authentic art from some of the finest South African street artists on the walls and fermentation tanks, the winery gives local talent in the arts a global stage with visitors to the wine estate. To date Tempel Wines has commissioned works by Falco, Nardstar and Conform in the Western Cape. Future plans include collaborations with more artists from around the country.

Since taking over, Heeremans has improved the product portfolio, repositioned the brand and opened market opportunities in the UK, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. With the growth in online sales, deliveries and cellar direct, the winery has a post positive outlook on the local and international wine market.

Wine lovers can purchase Tempel Wines  range on www.tempelwines.co.za/ or join Tempel Wines Club and immediately receive 10% discount with free delivery at every purchase PLUS exclusive invitations to our wine tastings.

The beautiful estate also plays host to a modern B&B still rich with its historic Cape Dutch charm. Tempel Wines invites South Africans to visit and enjoy a view of either the scenic vineyards or picturesque Paarl Mountain from a private terrace.

Wine is meant to be unearthed and uncovered, and Wines from Tempel are a mystery ready to be unraveled!

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