ted baker body wash review

Ted Baker body wash review

If you ever get the opportunity to leave your comfort zone and explore another country or travel to another continent, i hope you take it. When the internet was designed, may years ago, it was simple to use. Now with the ever changing global markets and Google’s algorithms plus the increase in information fake and real, Finding what you want from Google is slowly becoming a 6 months course to study. I use many different sites when i shop, but in all those sites, i have never found Ted Baker suggested to me by the internet. I have looked for Body washes on South African Google but because Ted Baker is not a South African brand or because they do not have a shop that distributes directly to South Africans, i never found it. Or even felt the need to go looking for a Ted Baker Body Wash.

Where to find Ted Baker Body Wash

If you looking for a Ted Baker Body Wash, you will most probably find it on Amazon.co.uk. It is found on a UK online retail store because it is a European company. The brands you will find in South Africa, in regards to body wash, are brands that are global. I generally gravitate towards the Body Shop body wash and i am a firm believer in OH, So Heavenly body wash found in Clicks stores nation wide. But sometimes i do not want the generic Body washes that everyone else has. Sometimes i want boutique, unique and scares body washes that only i can possess. I do not think there is anything wrong in that.

South African Body wash market

You see, we are sold products according to the area we live in. Suggestions online for brands to purchase also come to you according to your location and also according to what you have purchased in the past. So, to cut a very long story short – You will never experience other things the world has to offer if you do not explicitly leave your comfort zone and go away

Exploring lead me to different parts of the world where i found luxurious perfumes at reasonable prices. I got to see different brands of perfumes that i had never seen in my life. And, on the flip side, i loved them. I bought what i wanted and when it was time to go, i left. Came back home. And when the items i had purchased had run out or worn out, i traveled again, or ordered them online. You see, now i knew where to look but i still wanted to explore some more.

Imports and Exports

The South African Government wants us to invest in Proudly South African products. The idea is that if we keep importing goods that we can potentially find in South Africa, we will be hurting Proudly South African brands. It makes sense to support proudly South African businesses but regardless of where a business is situated or if it is proudly South African or not, the quality of the business should be world class.

Purchasing over seas

When you purchase a product while you are in South Africa, you run the risk of being over charged by SARS at customs. SARS does this so that we can refrain from importing certain goods, i would assume, to help South African businesses. I work with international brands and I recently received a package from them. The package three dresses and the price for each dress is roughly R500.00. When i went to pick up the package, 2 moths after it was scheduled to arrive, because it arrived late, they told me to pay an Extra R900.00 (wanted by SARS) lol for a free package. HAHAHAHA

Moral of the story, go out to the world, explore, purchase different brands, smell different roses, climb different trees, smell a different air and look at a different sky.

Ted Baker Body wash review

So the ted Baker body Wash is beautiful. From the packaging to the scent to the product inside. Ted Baker London Pretty Pearl Body Wash Blends fruity top notes with soft rose petals and sandalwood, whilst the base of musk and raspberry leaf completes the scent.

The Ted Baker Opulent Petal Shower Cream on the other hand is moisturizing and the shower Cream is infused with notes of jasmine, orange blossom and exotic ylang and the decadent base of silky vanilla, musk and spicy black pepper completes the fragrance. Ted Bakers’ signature floral prints as a trio of enchanting fragrances: Blush Pink, Pretty Pearl and Opulent Petal. Consisting of romantic bouquets with luscious fruits, subtle spices and precious woods, the collection depicts a floral fantasy that is as delicate and as enchanting as its namesake.

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