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Ok guys… so I’ve been wearing a lot of colored lipsticks for a while now and for those of you that really know me, a while is a very long time. Recently decided to go naked and wear a lipstick that suits my dark, chocolate skin tone but wasn’t bright at all so I went on a hunt. I’m such a colourful person, that even when I go looking for a nude lipstick, I end up buying something with colour, which is simply just part of my personality, so I’m not too bumbed-out about it.

I own a lot of Mac Cosmetic lipsticks and I can safely say that mac cosmetics is a go-to brand for me when it comes to cosmetics. I wear the color NW 50 from Mac Cosmetics when it comes to foundation and I wear lots and lots and lots of Mac Cosmetics Lip Colours and Lipsticks.

So, back to going naked; I see lots of women wearing nude lips and it’s beautiful to see how makeup can be flawless without the need to go hard on colour when it comes to lips, so I got the PERFECT NUDE!!! It’s called Taupe from Mac Cosmetics. This Taupe colour is the perfect lip colour for dark skin beauties that want to go nude and look natural with a touch of glam and sexy. Taupe is so perfect, when recently bought it, I remember being so happy I wanted to hurry up and go to bed so that I could wear it the next morning and show my people how it looks!!! Excited? Not a chance!! Over excitement, over the moon and basically just overwhelming!

Wearing Taupe Lipstick for me is something worth celebrating because it’s not easy getting a lipstick that is nude, for dark to medium skin tones. So ladies and gents, if you looking for a nude lipstick to purchase for yourself or for your chocolate,  caramel bae… These are a couple of options from Mac Cosmetics that you can try out

  1. Taupe
  2. Spirit
  3. Verve
  4. Twig
  5. Persistence
  6. Spirit

Hope this has been helpful.

Purchase THIS lipstick directly from HERE

Love you All


Taupe  Mac Cosmetics Review dark skin Nude Lipstick

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