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CLICKS stores, the leading beauty retailer in South Africa has launched an exciting new category embracing natural hair textures. The hash tag was #ClicksCurls  for natural hair care which trended the entire afternoon and the event was help at Summer Place in Hyde Park Sandton.. The Clicks curls event featured live DEMOS  from some of the biggest hair brands in the country and the MC was the gorgeous and adorable Amanda Du Pont and might I add that one of my favorite big hair don’t care celebrity guests  was there too? The one and only Pearl Thusi.


NATURAL HAIR CARE in South Africa has always been an issue for me. I always felt like the Americans had better and more varied options when it comes to growing and taking care of natural hair. On this particular day I learned that the days of stressing whether to ‘hide’ your hair under a wig or let it flourish naturally are over. Wearing a weave as a protective style is now just an option and not mandatory and definitely not a necessity. But growing hair and NATURAL HAIR CARE  is mandatory.  Clicks now has different natural hair care brands in store to give you a beautiful crown.


Someone in one of the groups that I was in asked, ‘why are black peoples hair products so expensive?’ The answer the lady from CANTURA said was… ‘We as black people need to invest in natural hair care, a cheap product can give you what you want for the short term but for the long whole cheap products just don’t work well, period. My opinion on cheap vs affordable or luxurious natural hair products is that, we should spend as much money on our natural hair as we do on expensive weaves etc.  Expensive hair products when used correctly, can last a very long time.


One of the people I was inspired to meet at the Clicks ClicksCurls  event was the mastermind , founder and owner of the NATURAL HAIR CARE  brand Aunty Jackies Curls and Coils. This incredible woman made all of us realize that natural hair can be grown and natural hair can flourish and be strong with the correct hair products for your hair type.

My biggest ahah moment at the NATURAL HAIR CARE  Clicks Store Clicks Curls event was finding out that natural hair does not curl or coil the same way for everyone,

and that sometimes we have different hair textures on the same head. Kind of like having a combination skin other than just dry, oily or sensitive skin. And you need to know you hair type the same way you know your skin type.


I have decided to start using the Aunt Jackie’s but believe me, there are so many natural hair products at Clicks Stores, you  will go nuts because you will have tons of options in choosing which natural hair product is best for you.

Because I love wearing weaves im gonna start using  Aunt Jackie’s SEAL IT UP, Hydrating sealing butter which you can order online HERE. This sealing butter is enriched with flax-seed and Shea butter, avocado, castor oil and honey. Its  healthy hydration for protective styling and dry brittle hair. I love this specific hair care product because it works like this… immediately after the corn rows are plated,when installing a weave,  put some Aunt Jackie’s SEAL IT UP in between the corn rows before sowing in the weave.  What this does is keep the hair under the hair  moisturized so that it is not dry and brittle when you take the weave off after a few weeks. Moisturizing hair when you have a weave can damage the weave and that is what makes this product so perfect.



To wrap up, I am so excited that Clicks stores nation wide has launched this NATURAL HAIR CARE initiative. Now we don’t have to  relax our hair anymore to make our hair soft. Isn’t that a relief?


Hope you found this NATURAL HAIR CARE article useful. Please share and help a natural hair girl out.

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