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Who misses out on an opportunity to get out of comfort and explore the world how ever immediate that world may be? Not me. If that was a question asked in class I would have been the first one to raise my hand. P.S I love travelling and this trip was no different.

As soon as we entered the country we were greeted by an array of beautiful scenery. It was breath taking. At one point I thought the beauty of Swaziland is so profound no wonder Swazis are so gorgeous, it would seem that nature rubs off its beauty on its people.

The beauty didn’t stop there though. In the cool mornings when we woke up and stepped outside, I could have sworn we were in a cloud, to later find out that it was just simple fog, but we were so high up you can’t blame a girl for being overambitious can you? LOL thought so.

I’ve travelled to Swaziland before but this time I carried my camera. We travelled by car from the South Africa/Swaziland border until we reached my cousins house and on each and every turn id take a picture of what I saw, almost running out of breath because everything was so magical, my breath was being taken away at every twist and turn. I was in awe, but my mom wasn’t impressed. Every time I would take a pic I would show her with excitement and she would be like, oh ok, you took a pic of nature? That’s nice #Moodkiller #AfricanMothers

One of the main reasons for this trip was my cousins wedding and so before the actual day of the wedding we managed to spend a Sabbath together as family, me wearing the stylish dress that everyone loves so much (yes, I’ve noticed – lol guys I love it too, that’s why I wear it so much, please don’t judge me ????in Chris Browns Voice) (fashion blogger problems). I’m always excited to see family, I mean these are some of the few guys you can count on forever and their opinion about you will never change, no matter what you do.

That being said and I know this is a fashion blog, but I’ve included some images of my people. My favorite image is by far the one with grand-dad. I’ve also included my mom, my female cousins and the beauty of Swaziland,

Swaziland is one of the most beautiful countries, in terms of nature; I’ve ever visited in Africa, with some of the most stunning sunsets, but I will travel more and be blessed with watching the sun kiss the hills in another African country soon. Will keep you posted.

We stayed in Thlatikhulu and some of these images of dusk were taken outside her porch. I honestly didn’t want to come back home, we had so much fun but there was a little dent__ If you read my previous Swaziland post you will remember that the only time we had Wi-Fi was when we were in Eva’s house but it turned out to be a plus, not a minus because not being on our phones the whole time forced us bond. We came back refreshed and happy having celebrated two people’s lives get intertwine and having lived on the mountains


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