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The Surprise Shower and Baby Shower Decor

One of the reasons why I went to Swaziland was to attend my cousins surprise baby shower. My cousin, Tawonga told me that she is pregnant a couple of months ago and ever since she had told me of her pregnancy I hadn’t really checked up on her. So I called her sister, my other cousin and asked if they will be doing a baby shower anytime soon. Because I knew that the baby was due or is due now. Lucky for me the baby shower was the coming weekend, and to be totally honest, I just needed the time away from Pretoria. And that’s how my trip to Swaziland was born.

Family is very important to me because I know that i wasn’t created to be by myself. And although I know that I wasn’t created to be alone by myself, I do think that all of us hate isolation. But although i hate isolation, I just don’t like spending time with people that I don’t like or people that I have issues with or have issues with me or just people in general with bad energy. I have spent most of my life with my younger sister and I remember: the fact that she was in the other room, would make me happy. I always appreciated the fact that there was always somebody with me.

So when my sister moved out, it was hard for me at first, knowing that she’s gone. But, I was happy that she was growing and expanding and living her truth and living her own life.

But to be honest the only constant in life is change and although change is not easy to do, change is important. And as I speak about change I know that my cousins life, when the baby arrives, will be different from the life that she’s used to now. Amazingly, at the baby shower I saw so much love and support. This made me understand the importance of baby showers i.e establishing support and teaching first time moms small little things about growing a baby.

At my cousin’s baby shower in Swaziland, I was the one taking pictures. The Baby shower decor is LIT!It wasn’t planned that I would be taking pictures but I just took the role unto myself to produce Instagram worthy Baby Shower pictures. But also to show you, our readers, the beauty in Swaziland and how beautiful my cousin’s baby shower looked.

So fortunately for my cousin, they knew the baby’s sex and it is a girl!!! if you haven’t already noticed by the pictures and the wonderful baby shower decor on this page.
Because it was a surprise baby shower, when Tawonga (my cousin) arrived, she was genuinely surprised. And her being surprised made us all very happy because it showed that none of us had leaked any information.

And she almost couldn’t believe that I came all the way from South Africa just to be with her and her surprise baby shower, she was so happy it made my heart warm and it made my heart happy. But even if i wasn’t there Tawonga has sisters, brothers and friends who got her back. And all of us managed to make this day special.

My trip to Swaziland was supposed to last only about two days but I ended up leaving after five days. It’s very important to detach and go on vacation. Take time off, go on holiday, just to regroup and not think too much and just enjoy being away from work. That is one of the reasons why I took some time off work.

Being with family heals you, and going on vacation is important. You will spend your entire life working for an organisation that will replace you in a heartbeat once you leave this earth. So I took a vacation in the name of self-preservation.

I had such a fun time, it is ridiculous. But my vacation reminded me of the important things in life.
1. Family
2. Self preservation
3. Healing
4. Fresh air
5. Reconnecting with God and with the earth.
6. Oh and let’s not forget, sleeping.

Congratulations cuz I know that you will make a great mother. ❤

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