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Top 5 Super foods to hydrate you during Covid19 outbreak

According to the BBC, drinking water is not going to kill the corona Virus. There is currently no known cure for the Covid 19 Virus. Nonetheless, drinking water and staying hydrated is generally good medical advice. And, since anyone can get the Corona by being in contact with a carrier or a person infected by the Corona Virus. What we can do is keep a safe distance from each other, wash hands frequently, avoid touching the face etc. If you want more guidelines on ways of protecting yourself from Covid 19 Read more HERE. This article tackles how to get glowing skin using hydrating fruits and essentially how to keep hydrated and the best foods to eat to get the most nutrients.

Although drinking fresh water is the best way to get enough liquids in your body and eventually to you skin cells, The secret to glowing skin is eating delicious hydrating fruits and vegetables. Because, although water is hydrating, water in fruits and vegetables has a whole lot more nutrients, vitamins and minerals. And, that is why such fruits and vegetables are called water foods.

Melons are a perfect examples of hydrating fruits. More specifically the cantaloupe and watermelon. Watermelons and Cantaloupes have a close carbohydrate-fiber ratio, so they keep you full and add much needed amounts of water to your diet.

Juicy citrus hydrating fruits like Oranges, Grapefruits and kiwi fruits are beautiful water foods and that is why they are so good for you. Strawberries, pineapples, and cranberries all have high water content and are full of amazing antioxidants, but be careful of the sugar content in some of these fruits. Unless you are not on a diet.

But.. if you are on a diet… there are less sweet water foods that are very hydrating. Try some cucumbers, celery, and cabbage.

Oh.. and if you do do not like eating hydrating fruits and vegetables, you can drink them. I am well aware that not everyone is a fan of fruits or vegetables but most of us want glowing skin and we want to be healthy. So, the solution would probably be, drink your greens! Makes it easier.

Smoothies are great for hydration. I drink a green smoothie each and every morning. Recently i have started adding some Spirulina powder from Food Lovers market, Takealot and Checkers to my already green smoothies. I like how green the drink looks when i add the Spirulina Powder. The green fools me into thinking that i am healthy. LOL! Also, during this time of the Corona Virus, its safe to always stay as healthy as possible, as well as hydrated. So, going green seems like the way to go


Hydrating Fruits

Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash

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