Discover Sunset eye shadow looks in a palette

So, when i first started working on this look, i did not plan for it to look like the previous look we posted before this article. But, it seems like… i gravitate towards burgundy’s and gold. Although i gravitate towards burgundy’s and gold, this look was supposed to be pink. So i am really disappointed the Sunset Eye shadow look did not come out the way i wanted. And the palette i used is the Patricia Bright Revolution collaboration which i purchased at Clicks Brooklyn Mall.

Patricia Bright Revolution Palette

So, these Sunset Eye Shadow look is supposed to look Pink, not burgundy. But to tell you the truth.. I struggled a lot when creating this look using the Revolution Beauty Patricia Bright Palette because the shimmering colours or rather the shiny chromatic colours where really hard to place. Although the Patricia Bright Revolution palette looks good, the shimmering, shiny colours do not apply as well. Maybe its me, i dot know, but will try another look for the next blog post and see how that one comes out.

Taking Photos at Sunset

Taking photos at Sunset is not really the best time to take images. These images where taken around 5:30 pm and during that time the light had disappeared tremendously. I love taking images using natural light. But i also understand that taking pictures with good light can transform ones pictures tremendously. So, ill maybe try it one day. Taking pictures with and LED Ring light or Studio light box.

Sunset Eyes Eye shadow colours

The colours you will need to create fun looks for summer are Yellow, orange pink , red and maybe blue. You could also add green eye shadow if you like, depending on the look you are trying to create. I like keeping things simple but makeup is supposed to be fun. So… do what makes you happy weather it looks good or not. And practice! With more practice and experimentation, you will be able to create many amazing looks using as few eye shadow colours as just three.

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