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Black does crack

Dark skin does crack, if you don’t take care of it. Naomi Campbell doesn’t just wake up and look gorgeous and ageless in the morning.  She works hard at looking like a million bucks every day. And im sure she uses sunscreen for dark skin (her skin) where ever she goes. But sunscreens often get bad reviews (but the Eau Thermale Avene Sun range is the opposite. its a perfect sunscreen for dark skin, and all skin tones, because it makes you matte, its none sticky and you eventually glow)!

Most people are increasingly aware of the dangers of unreasonable sun exposure. Applying a sun care product is often viewed as an unpleasant chore rather than a useful enjoyable moment. Too sticky, too greasy, too shiny, white residue? But… Not the Eau Thermale Avene Sun range.

Finding a suitable sunscreen.

I’ve found sunscreens that suit my skin tone and benefit me immensely. The sunscreens I’ve found are suitable for me but also suitable for all women, no matter the colour. This sun block doesn’t make them grey, is not sticky and makes them matte. The Sunscreen I’m currently talking about is the Eau Thermale Avene Sun range.

What’s so special about the Eau Thermale Avene Sun Range?

In 2018, Avène Dermatological Laboratories redesigned their formulas to offer more pleasure in use, enhanced efficacy and a stronger environmental commitment.

The Avene Sunscreen Feels like a second skin. A new texture that will adapt to your skin’s needs. Thanks to a new-generation silica, it absorbs both excess water (sweat) and sebum. Easy to apply, luscious, smooth, no greasy or sticky effect; quickly absorbed to guarantee a silky, dry-touch finish. the “Nude skin feel” innovation added to the new SPF 50+ face formulas, promises both visual and sensory pleasure.

  • no more shine, skin is like velvet
  • no white marks
  • an imperceptible, extremely soft finish.

A mattifying Sunscreen?

The Eau Thermale Avene Matter than ever  is for oily, blemish-prone sensitive skin

New SPF50+ Cleanance Sunscreen RSP R249.95 | Now available 50 ml Sunsitive protection with new Thialidine & Pre-tocopheryl antioxidant complex

Nude skin feel – innovation for maximum skin comfort. Eco-friendly formula Enriched with Monolaurin, a sebum-regulating active ingredient and Zinc Gluconate to ensure mattified and soothed skin. Dry touch texture to avoid shine- New and improved airless pump for ease of use.


The power of matte.

South Africa can get really hot, so having a mattifying sunscreen is a blessing from the sunscreen Gods. We use matte lipstick, we strive to use matte foundation and now, we can have a matte base in the form of the Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance. RSP R249.95 | Now available at Clicks store

How Sunscreen makes you brighter

When I was a teenager I battled a lot with my dark skin. I battled with my skin so much, at one point I wanted to try skin bleaching to lighten my skin. I’ve actually never been told that I was ugly, or too dark. My insecurities rose from the medias portrayal of stereotypes that made the light skin woman ‘more beautiful than me’. I went to the extent of purchasing the skin lightning, skin bleaching product and put it away, in my drawer. Planning on using it in the near future. I never used it, as you can see. But my will power can’t take credit for not using it. It was all through prayer, meditation, tons of tears, a four-year degree and self-acceptance that I got over my infatuation with being lighter. Now i just use sunscreen to keep my skin from burning.

Ever since I started taking care of my face, I’ve seen it transform and flourish. And I can’t even tell you how it disgusts me to think about skin bleaching on my face again. I can’t judge people for wanting to change their skin tone, but i would advise them to first look at skin care before skin bleaching. FYI. Sunscreen prevents you from getting sun burnt (skin darker or red) and sometimes the problem is not dark skin. Its sun burnt skin. Using sunscreen helps you keep your natural complexion.

Eau Thermale Avene Sun range, sunscreen for dark skin, sunscreen lighter face, matte sunblock,

The dots on my face.

I used the Eau Thermale Avene dry touch Fluid with spf 50 to create the dots on my face. The bottle has a pump so it was easy. Just to show you guys how non-sticky and dry it really is. The dots on my face weren’t dripping, unless i smeared them. The Eau Thermal Avene Sun is a good idea, especially for those of us going on holiday to anywhere tropical or staying at Home in Johannesburg or anywhere in South Africa. Eau Thermale Avène Sun Care products are available at leading Clicks, Dis-Chem and selected independent pharmacies.

Other Eau Thermal Avene Sun faves

SPF50+ Spray Broad-spectrum, water resistant sun protection spray for the body RSP 295.95 | 200 ml SPF50+ Children’s Spray Broad-spectrum, water resistant sun protection spray for children RSP 295.95 | 200 ml SPF50+ Lotion Broad-spectrum, water resistant sun protection lotion ideal for body RSP 299.95 | 250 ml 6

SPF50+ Anti-Aging Sunscreen Broad-spectrum sun protection Combats photo-induced aging RSP 229.95 50 ml SPF50+ Mineral Sunscreen Broad-spectrum sun protection for intolerant skin No chemical filters RSP 269.95 | 50ml

Your body, your face

If you are not happy with something in your life, change it. It’s your body , it’s your face… Just don’t destroy it by using harmful bleaching that do more harm than good (rather use sunscreen for dark skin) if you want better looking skin. Who cares if your skin is lighter or darker than the person standing next to you? Change can only happen once you can truthfully look in the mirror and love that Deep Chocolate, Cinnamon, Mocha, or Caramel complexion. Beauty shouldn’t be defined by whether you wear the Deepest Deep Foundation or the Translucent one. It’s all about confidence in your own skin and in your beauty. It’s corny, but it’s true.”




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  1. I love the article… Wow.
    How long have you been using it and did you break out because that’s what I fear the most.

    1. Nope… didn’t break out at all. I like avene products because they leave my skin feeling velvety and not obvious that one is wearing sunscreen even st spf50.Try The mattifying cleanance. You will like it. The only break outs I get are caused my eating dairy ?

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