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Welcome to Sun City !!

Africa’s Kingdom of Pleasure!! And a warm welcome it was. My friends and I decided to go to Sun City in October. Honestly, to unwind, relax and just enjoy the day. Sun City is in the North West Province. From Central Gauteng, it is approximately 2 Hours’ Drive. Don’t underestimate it. The Entrance fee, depending on where you are going – Guests staying at the Sun City resort enjoy free access to the Valley of the Waves. For day visitors a fee of R60 per person must be paid to enter the Sun City Resort. Thereafter, the Valley of the Waves costs R150 for adults, and R80 for children under the age of 12 and pensioners pay R60. We paid R120.00 each for access to the Valley of the Waves; apparently the price fluctuates according to peak season.

Sun City Bikinis

Bathing suits are a must and attention to detail, if you want to look cute is a prerogative. The swim suits we got were from Makro. Mine cost R250.00 and my friends were approximate the same price, varying by R20.00 here and there (You can find similar pairs at ZANDO). When I took the two piece Bikini, Lebo, the one in the pink bottom and blue top looked at me like I was crazy. ‘You really are going to take a two piece?’ I’m like, yep.

Sun City Beauty

You see, the secret to rooking anything and owning is, is confidence. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, no matter how great your body looks, no matter how beautiful your bikini or onzie is, you will not feel good about yourself neither about what you are wearing. Confidence hides all flaws.

I could even go to the extent of saying People who are self-confident are more relaxed in social settings and when meeting new people. Because their belief in themselves is internal and not reliant on the judgment of others, they can freely move about without fear of rejection.

Self-confidence breeds a high level of comfort when facing new challenges. Self-confident people typically are more enthusiastic about the future and convey that excitement to others through their walk, how they hold themselves and how they converse. They are more at ease in social situations and tend to attract people to them. The positive energy projected by confident people is contagious and attractive to others.

Self-confidence starts by:

Grooming yourself

Dress nicely

Think positive

Kill negative thoughts

Get to know yourself

Act positive etc.

Wear Makeup at Sun City?

Grooming yourself also has a little to do with makeup. I have melanin rich skin, but sun screen is very important. As some of you already know from previous beauty articles, I use IQ SPF 30 sunscreen developed for people living in South Arica under the African sun. It really helps. We spent the whole day at Sun City, literally more than 5 hours under the sun and I didn’t get sun burned, on my face that is. I did how ever get sun burned on my thighs, then quickly pasted some sunscreen on and I was good to go.

Being a beach bum in African Sumer can be like a suicide mission to your skin, so my advice is moisturize. I wore waterproof makeup at Sun City, which took my mind of my appearance and I was able to focus more on the having fun part. I’m wearing MAC lipstick in girl about town, my foundation is LOREAL matte and mascara is RIMMEL LONDON in scandalous eyes.

Take Care of your body

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: No matter how thin or think you are, take care of your body. And when you have done all that you can to make your body happy, it will reward you when you get naked.

Thanks for the read and coming to Sun City with me and my friends.

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Chat to you soon


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