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I had such a hard time, last year in Cape Town, by the beach. I brought with me everything needed for the beach, apart from glow and shimmer body oils and lotion. Although I have no issues wearing skimpy bikinis by the water, I did however feel like I needed that extra confidence boost to make my brown skin glow.

When you’re used to being covered up, the idea of exposing parts of your body that are under wraps for most of the year is bound to make you anxious. You are real women – not airbrushed models – so you’ll have curves and lumps and bumps, asymmetrical breasts and stretch marks. You know what? That’s normal – and it’s fine. You are absolutely not on your own. A lot of South African Women have what you got, stretch marks, cellulite, etc. Stretch marks and cellulite plague the skinniest and the largest. don’t stress my love. Most women you will see at the beach are just like you.

Sometimes, as happy or confident as we are with ourselves, we still want our holiday pictures to look good. I know I edit my photos, lol for them to look really good, it’s a combination of Lightroom, Adobe photoshop, and sometimes the Airbrush App.

So, to assist your holiday images so that you don’t have to do as much editing before posting on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, wearing a shimmer lotion does the trick.

Victoria’s Secret models look perfect on the runway, but, that’s because their entire body goes through a makeup transformation plus glow and shimmer body oils and lotion. In 2016 the glow and shimmer body oils and lotion used on the Victoria’s secret fashion show was Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish. It’s part bronzer, part lotion, and part miracle-worker that helps blurs blemishes, cellulite, and skin discoloration. The trick? The formula contains pigments that reflect light, which is great for photos. Oh, and you can use it on your face too!

A celebrities best friend and soon to be yours – is shimmering body oil. It reflects the light in an incredibly soft, flattering way, giving a sheen to your skin, and I swear it makes your limbs look slimmer.

I love taking pictures, you guys know that! What I don’t want to do thou, is take pictures of dry, sun kissed thighs.  And you should not either.

My top Six Picks for Glow and Shimmer Body oils and lotion are

  1. Enjoy Good times Shimmer lotion. You can get it HERE
  2. Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Matte. You can get it HERE
  3. Dove Derma Spa: Body Lotion Summer Revive Fair. Get it Here
  4. La Mer: The Face and Body Gradual Tan. Get it HERE
  5. The Body Shop: Shimmering Dry Oil. Get it HERE
  6. Caribbean Tan Shimmer Cream: Get it HERE
  7. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion: Get it HERE (NB. THIS ONE IS JUST A LOTION, ITS NOT A SHIMMER OIL)

What I will also be taking with me are obviously the Avene Sunscreen lotions and Eau Thermale Avene thermal spring water.

Have a beautiful, shimmering Holiday.



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