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Feminine Summer Dresses are back in fashion and so is summer at LC Waikiki store in Menlyn Mall.

What gives me my most confidence as a woman, is when I walk out of the house looking great, smelling good and wearing beautiful, well designed clothes. I sometimes struggle with toning down the sexy as I always want to look HOT. When I go to my day job, I take more effort in covering up because it’s more a professional setup and i have bosses and superiors. When I’m doing fashion and beauty, you will notice that I hardly follow the rules in terms of what to cover and what to expose but I try my best to look decent but classy. So, that’s why it’s important for me to find a balance, for functional wear vs for blogging and sharing ideas on the net.

This article is important to me because by assisting you on how to reach a balance, I also reach a balance.

How to be sexy but not too much and how to feel great while covering up.

You will look and feel your best when you wear good clothes, regardless of what you are showing off. And now that summer is fast approaching, summer dresses are going to give some men a heart attack. But when we talk about covering up, I feel the sexiest when I’m wearing a semi see-through blouse with long-fit pants and a crisp black, blue or grey blazer.

When I wear jeans, I feel the sexiest when they are a little ripped and, when they are ripped, I wear a tank top and an open jacket. The trick is for your clothes to always look expensive and your style to always be deliberate.

If you go with the simple rule of thumb when it comes to looking attractive but still maintaining class, show off either one of the three; your cleavage, mid-section or legs. If the dress is long, show off the ‘girls’. If the dress is short, keep the chest covered and if you are covering both legs and chest, show off a little mid-section.  These rules apply mostly to day time, when night falls and you all about ho-is-life, lol wear whatever you want.

I feel like some of my best body features are my legs and shoulders and I like showing them off. If a dress is short, it’s better for me, but not for my mom. She doesn’t walk with me in public if I’m wearing something that remotely shows off my knees. But that’s mothers, or my mother. So, when ever I’m around her I try to reach a balance of feminine but not too covered up.

Summer dresses are great for allowing the breeze in but being covered up has its advantages. When going for a work interview, it’s important to cover up. Covering up makes people take you seriously. But when you want to get the attention of that nice guy or just on a date with a guy you like, you either want to show off the girls or the mid-section or the legs, (Lessons to Self.)

Looking fresh, stylish and cute can be a bit expensive so to get the best of both worlds in terms of looking expensive on a budget LC Waikiki, a new store that opened in Menlyn Mall in July, caters for crisp quality at affordable prices and more importantly, they have a plethora of different summer dresses to choose from.

LC Waikiki, a global fashion retailer opened its first store in South Africa this year! LC Waikiki brings a unique dynamic price management to a very competitive retail market which will see shoppers enjoy discounts on specific merchandise each week and monthly stock

LC Waikiki has adopted a principle to bring quality and fashion to its consumers at an affordable price, as well as to give importance to quality in their products with their wide product range: “Customers visiting the store may purchase shoes and t-shirts at a price starting with 129 ZAR, jeans at a price starting with 299 ZAR, all containing LC Waikiki’s quality.

Serving the needs of the entire family, product ranges encompass new-born, kids, teens; maternity and adult collections, people can dress per their style and budget and how ever sexy they choose.

The cute and sexy dress I’m wearing in these images is from LC Waikiki. There were a couple of summer dresses  and general functional clothes I took from the store and tried on and one thing that stood out from the jeans is that they are very stretchy. So,  depending on the cut or make of the jeans or the look you want to achieve, take your size or a size smaller. The stretch is real. The dress I’m wearing is also stretchy, making it easier to wear and more flattering.

Go check out LC Waikiki South Africa in Menlyn Mall and do a little shopping, whether its to cover your body or show off some skin.


Summer Dresses South Africa

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