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Floral print jacket coat in Sheffield and how to style it

Floral print jacket coat

I’m on that Grey Dungaree kinda vibe these holidays, been wearing this jumpsuit on repeat. I’ve also been into stylish Jacket/Coats ever since attending  the RVK Fashion Show that took place in Pretoria early Autumn.

This MUST HAVE hooded coat could have easily been one of the most stylish pieces on that specific runway.  Best worn with shorts, pants, and preferably long sleeve shirts or polos for this winter or  more cooler seasons.

The hooded coat in cream white with printed flowers can be purchased at Nokwakha Fashion Creators( Contact Information at the end of the page).

These images where taken in Sheffield within the space of 3 Days!!! The weather in Sheffield on this particular weekend was moody and since we had too little time with soo much to do we had to take these images, forcefully,  just before sunset.

Some of the Floral print jacket coat images where taken in what seemed like a split second before the sun disappeared. We looked everywhere for the sun, but it was scarce. The  sun evidently disappeared where we were at but we tried to improvise . I quickly took off my shoes and we ran in the busy streets of Sheffield looking for the last streaming light, we found a little light, Thank God, but we quickly had to wrap up. (Too little, too late)

Some of the below images where taken using the reflection of the sun on a tinted silver roof. The light was dimming, similar to day one but the reflection of the sun worked wonders.

Day three was sunnier, less cloudy, the sun finally decided to smile. Sight seeing in Sheffield was awesome especially when viewing the city with my friends and whimsically pretty sister but life had to go on and I was later on my way back to see the rest of my family.

The images tell their own story... See if you can  tell the different days the images where taken on and have fun

Floral print jacket coat OOTD

Hooded Coat and Top: Nokwakha Fashion Creators (+2762 143 0679)

Jump Suit: Identity/ Truworths

Shoes: Podo Shoes RSA


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  1. I love the layout of this post. The pictures have a fresh, stylish and funky look and feel to them. The article is easy to read and well put. Keep up the good work Miss Bea!!!



    1. Will do Siya.. Thanks 🙂 Much appreciated

  2. Jonah says:

    U look stunning hey!.

  3. Thank you Jonah… 🙂

  4. […] were a couple of Collections that blew everyone one away especially Nokwakha Fashion Creators from Pretoria. I’ve loved her Collections ever since the last RVK Fashion week. This time she […]

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