Styling a white T-shirt with Blue jeans is easy. All you do is pick out bright accessories to go with the look.

The accessories I picked out to wear with this look are from the Maboneng Precinct, Arts on Main Weekend social that takes place there every weekend. These accessories were bought on a Sunday.

The Bright African inspired neck piece was an absolute must for this outfit. I loved the pastel colours on it with the gold accents around it. Also loved that it didn’t cover my entire chest, making it a very sexy neckpiece. Loved that it flowed, is wavy and beaded.

The stunning Shades were bought from the same Arts on Main market. Only wanted reflector Shades as they are the in thing right now and will most definitely still be in the future. Investing in a good pair of reflector shades does wonders for your outfit.

The jeans are from SissyBoy. One can never go wrong with a good pair of form fitting, butt hugging, all the right spots, tight fitting jeans. Nothing feels as sexy to wear than clothes that fit you as if they were made and designed for your specific body

The boots are vintage, got them last year but funny enough they are still wearable. Boots are from Rage. People say a lot of things about the Rage Shoes brand, one of the things they utter is that Rage shoes are not durable. Well, here I am today telling you that these shoes have stood the test of at least 1 year and, that was a year of a lot of wear. When I wear something I love I Really wear it. LOL.

Anyway… This was a good weekend spent with Friends. Welcomed by a platter of skewers, dry vors, biltong, salty crackers, grapes, different kinds and types of cheeses and the stuff in the white large spoon are sauces, one cheese Sause mixed with something amazing and, the other  red one is a sun dried tomato paste. Absolutely Delicious!!! Weekend Well Spent with Champagne.


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