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Styling: Peach Pants and Floral chiffon top

Peach pants and floral chiffon top.
It was a really hot day when these pictures where taken. And if i’m not mistaken, 38 degrees Celsius at lunch time. I picked up Linda (the photographer) on my way to lunch and we faced the heat together. Lucky for me, it was her day off and we had planned to do this about a week ago. I was wearing a different top when we got to the Brewers BBQ and I had to change at the back of my car to wear this floral top. Thank God i’ve dimmed Windows.

Tinted windows, plus 38 degrees Celsius is equal to 5 minutes in hell and a whole lot of sweating. When i was done changing my floral top, i looked like i had run 3 kilometers in the blazing sun. The sweat was dripping from my newly braided hair, to my neck. Lucky for me i carry makeup and a refreshing spray (Avene Sa), EVERYWHERE I go.

The peach pants and floral chiffon top was inspired by Natalie Harlco.
She loves pairing florals with solids and so do it.

After what seemed like the longest 10 minutes I’ve ever spent in the backseat of my car heated up, we made it to Brewers BBQ.

I Ordered a vegetarian burger because we trying to be a little bit more healthy this year. I forgot to specify that the egg should be well done, so the egg came running ???.

styling peach pants and floral chiffon top black beauty fashion blogger south africa

Lets talk outfit details of the peach pants and floral top.
I found the floral top at the FIX. I couldn’t wear this specific top to work because its really sexy, a bit see through and doesn’t require a bra. I mean, the floral top is chiffon.
These fashionable peach pants are a gem from YDE and the designer is AMBER. You can purchase the exact same pair HERE in a Rosy colour, Peach is out of stock.


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