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A Pink Mini dress at a Romantic Getaway Mhulu Boutique Hotel

I can never get tired of wearing pink. Matter of fact, I probably will never get tired of wearing pink. Pink is such a beautiful colour, and it is a colour that recently has become unisex. And by unisex, I mean that some ‘heterosexual’ males do not associate the colour with being ‘too feminine’ or ‘gay’ anymore. Pastel colours for baby clothing, including blues and pinks, were introduced in the mid-19th century, and they didn’t become sex-specific colours until the 20th century. A couple of different aspects affected the ultimate designation of the colour pink for girls and, we are here for it, but we are not limited by it.  The Proteas wear pink when they are bringing awareness to breast cancer. And it’s always beautiful to see men wearing pink because it’s a colour that’s mostly been used for just women. My Party pink mini dress, for me, resembles the highest form of femininity but also a duality.

Pretty in Pink

When I think of pink, I have a young girl in mind in a beautiful baby doll dress with bows at the back and ponytails with ribbons around them. But in the same breath, I also see how gorgeous pink can be when styled correctly on a fully figured woman like myself.

Styling pink Mini Dress

In these images I have styled the Pink Mini Dress with beautiful black stiletto heels at the Mhulu Boutique Hotel. And I know I look amazing, and anyone that can wear this Pink Mini Dress, in their correct size will look amazing because the fabric of this Pink Mini Dress is almost like a bandage dress. It hugs your body perfectly.

Creating the Perfect Curves

What I had to do for the perfect curves that you see in these images is wear some shapewear shorts from Woolworths’s clothing. I wore the shapewear shorts because the dress is super short, and I didn’t want to bend over, and God forbid my entire ass is out. So, the shapewear shorts helped to make me feel more comfortable in the dress.

Romantic getaways

Kagiso and I did the shoot at Mhulu boutique hotel in Pretoria North. And when I tell you that the Mhulu boutique hotel is such a beautiful romantic getaway within the city, outside the city, on the outskirts of the city. When I was at the Mhulu boutique hotel it felt like I had travelled 16 hours on a flight and booked accommodation in some remote place with and oasis, exotic foods, and tranquillity. And that is how I felt spending the afternoon at Mhulu boutique hotel. it is such a beautiful place to visit, and it offers the exclusivity of a few rooms for you to choose from.

Pink Mini Dress at Mhulu Boutique Hotel

The dining area is gorgeous, and they have beautiful views and an amazing pool garden. Just everything you would want in a shot left in and around Pretoria. Too classy. If you are in Pretoria North one of these weekends go with your special person and get the Mhulu Boutique Experience.

I know it’s been a while since the last time I wrote something on and I’m not going to lie to you, it’s been a rough couple of months of a mental block and not knowing what to write or how to write it.  The most important or hardest obstacle to overcome was meeting the balance between making my blog enticing and just keeping the content as fresh and real as possible.  It’s been a real struggle, but my friends and family have helped me overcome the obstacles, unawares.

Friends that become family

I recently met a couple of good people and made some amazing friends over the past few months. True friendship is not that easy to find these days, but I can safely say that I found my tribe and many extensions of it in different people and energies. Being around my tribe has been a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Ever been around people and you feel revived? Yes, that’s how I felt around the energies that have kept me going, repeatedly. And the funny thing is, some of them don’t even know the type and depth their impact in my life. I don’t take my gifts for granted.  Forever grateful.

Madison Stilettoes

Now let’s talk about the shoes. Most of you guys have only recently come out of all the restrictions that had been placed in your country when it comes to social distancing and meeting with people etc. because of the panorama. And most of you guys have only now started to re-socialize and meet up with friends, drive or walk to work other than working from home etc.  So, I had a rude awakening late 2021 when I had to go to work, and I was in heels the entire day.  The heels were not bad, I’m used to wearing heels, I’ve been wearing heels since I was like 16 or 15. The disaster happened the following day. After not having worn heels for about a year and a half. In constant sneakers and flats. That day, in that one-month, late 2021, was RUDE to my ankles, calves and upper thighs. It felt like ii had been lifting weights in the gym, in my heels. Wil never forget that day.

But in these images, I would like to say, that I am I’ve gone back to being a Bad-Bitsh at wearing stilettos.  And even though I am slowly getting into a habit of not wearing them as often as I used to prior to the pandemic, I do keep a pair of heels in my boot for special occasions.

Black Pink

The blend of the black and the pink for me is always a perfect marriage between soft and savage as BLACK PINK would say. This outfit is simple, elegant, sexy, and beautiful. You can find the dress at Factorie South Africa. Got this one at Factorie Menlyn and I’m wearing the one in size Large, and the shoes are from Madison South Africa.

I hope the read has been fun, do come again soon. Miss you already.


Dress is Currently out of stock but you can find a similar one HERE and HERE

All images taken by @Kaygism Kagiso Motlhamme

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