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Hey Ladies, wasup guys. Its been a minute but now I’m back in a military green outfit, with some baggage.

One of the reasons why it’s been sooo long since the last time I came here and shared an outfit, a word of motivation or simply a style or beauty trend is because I was just exhausted, mentally and physically and dearly needed some time off. A lot has happened in my absence as an editor on as well as in my personal life. To tell you all of what all has happened, I would take at least 10 pages to do so. So, I’m just going to summaries a little of the bad and good stuff. By the way, further down the article I will share with you guys some tips and tricks on how to layer and style military green outfit for winter and be in harmony with nature. But for now, let’s talk about life, love and forgivenes.

When we, as people, are still growing up, we tend to have no inhibitions, whatsoever. We do whatever we like. Then our parents or guardians teach us to say no to bad things which eventually teaches us self-discipline and self-control.  But… when we start interacting with others, we are taught to be more guarded as our experiences teach us lessons which eventually make us change our behavior and eventually who we are. But being guarded isn’t exactly a good thing, but it isn’t a bad thing either.

I used to smile a lot as a teenager. My parents said I have a beautiful smile, so I used it. Till I met some bad people that mistook my smiling as flirtation. So, I learnt that I shouldn’t smile to just everyone and if I wanted people to take me seriously, I should wear a more ‘bitch’ face. Life went on, as I maneuvered through it, and learned other things. But.. life threw me a huge curve ball with my first HUGE break up. I was devastated and so demotivated that I almost forgot how to smile and be happy again. Do you know that feeling of pure sadness and depression, whereby when you walk in a store, the waiters or sales persons get scared to ask you if you need anything? That was my bottom.

Once the heart has been healed, Life breaks it again and permanently steals its  joy, if you allow it. And after years of holding on to so much pain, sometimes you don’t even know how the pain got there and start asking yourself why you are so angry all the time.

I realized I was angry at everyone and everything. So, after much needed praying and fasting and really talking to God, the answer to my question honestly blew me away. ‘I wasn’t mad at everyone, I was actually mad at myself’ for not having achieved the things I had promised myself as a little girl.

It’s not that I didn’t want others to achieve, I also wanted to achieve. It’s not like I didn’t appreciate others shiny countenance but I also wanted the same thing. What were they doing that I clearly wasn’t doing to find inner peace and be hugely prosperous, in my own way? And at that moment, I realized I was mad at myself and needed to forgive myself and start at working smarter and simply have a more positive outlook to life.

I remembered; ‘Come to me all who are heavy burdened and I will give you rest’. I also remembered that forgiveness sets us free. And, after those verses, I knelt to talk to God and God heard my prayer.

And as God is faithful he promises  that I should not wait for others to give me validation. SELF WORTH COMES FROM WITHIN and HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF.

When I started writing this post, I had an idea of what I wanted to share about the Military green outfit style for winter. Now, after all the above, with all the mumbling( my raw unedited emotions and feelings) …  all I want to Say is… Thank you for reading. May my thoughts inspire yours and may you continue to water the child within you.


Pictures taken by @KagisoMotlhamme


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