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FITNESS Blogger S.A: Creating a strong body

Fitness blogger: Nope. .. it’s not easy and trust me. When you finally decide to start, you will wish you never started or even wished to have a strong body. The muscles you may or may not see on my thighs were created over a period of two weeks. The first day of leg work was torture. I remember not being able to walk … even OUT OF THE GYM! !! My ass sore, my thighs, my knees… EVERYTHING. It was so bad I took twice or three times the mount of time I would take coming up or walking down the stairs at my flat. #onTheTirstFloor. #dead

The third time I did legs I was told that whenever a person does legs (leg day) a good session of stretching has to follow. The first time I did legs I ran out the session, apparently thats why I spent a week walking like a new born calf. Was so embarrassing .

To be totally honest with you, and I know I say this a lot – I never wanted to look like this. When ever I think of women lifting weights etc I think big,  bulky, body building women that compete. Some of those women are, in my opinion,a bit too much?. If you want to get a strong body for competition then go all out but if you want to shape up… I suggest doing a little bit of weights and muscle training.

My motivation through my small gains were Victoria Secret Angels. I mean ok.. those girls are skinny… but they look awesome because they are not JUST skinny… they got some meat and they put alot of work onto their bodies before the show so for me, any inspiration is a good source of motivation.

Hhhmmm to have a strong body, a gym buddy always help. I met this girl at the gym the other day and we exchanged numbers and stuff. But before the exchanging of number… she put me to work. #AnotherDayNotSoWellSpent@TheGym. ???. When I texted to ask her if she’s going to gym, she didn’t respond and left me out in the cold . Point of the story is that, pick a reliable gym buddy  to build that strong body because that strong body can use any and all sorts of motivation.

Sidenote: Word of advice! Never date at the gym.. Lol you don’t wanna be that girl/guy who doesn’t go to the gym anymore cause of a crazy, good looking ex. ???.
Anyway… this strong body post  is probably one of my most whimsical posts to date . So to get back in line and since this is a fashion and lifestyle blog.
My dress is from Legit
Shoes from: I forgot
Abs : are all mine.

XOXO Slay all day

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