Strattons triple berry gin and fitch and leeds pink tonic
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Strattons Triple Berry Gin & Fitch and Leeds Pink tonic!

Name a better duo than Strettons Triple Berry Gin and Fitch and Leeds Pink Tonic, Ill wait. And the best part about this duo is that it can also be low-carb and delicious. The Fitch and Leeds Pink tonic comes in Sugar Free! So, for those on diets but still want to enjoy a little bit of happy hour. The Strettons Triple Berry Gin and Sugar free Fitch and Leeds Pink Tonic Is for you.

Who introduced me to Gin?

My friend B is a simple drinker. She will drink ANYTHING!!! If the booze is more than 5 percent, the drink will be drunk!!! She will drink it. And that is how I became during the Lockdown; master of drinking anything available! It did not matter what the drink was, as long as it was Alcohol!  Before Lockdown I was choosy and, I am somewhat still a bit picky with my drinks right now! But I’ll never take alcohol for granted ever again!

The Pandemic took everything from us, and we did not even have Gin to help us cope

It took away our sanity and to some it took away their lives! We have lost so much these past 6 months as a country and we are still losing more! We have lost people, friends and loved ones and during all that tragedy, we could not even buy what we needed to survive

The Alcohol Ban

The Alcohol ban came! Some people were relieved but most of us were disappointed and frustrated. We could not understand why such drastic measures had to be taken for us to stay alive. That being said, if you are reading this, you are blessed and Thank God you have been allowed to see another day!

The Value of stocking up on Gin

I realised the value of stocking up during Level one of Lockdown. And I am not just talking about stocking up on alcohol. Avoiding going to the shops became essential and so going only once a week became a way of life! To be honest, going often to the shops turned into a coping mechanism! Anything to distract us! Seeing other people would bring some calm to what was going on around us! The social distancing, the masks, the loneliness. And that is how some of us survived!

Moving from Vodka to Gin was easy

I realised I needed Gin in my life when the Alcohol Ban was lifted for the first time! The reason why I switched from Vodka to Gin was because Gin is so much cheaper than Vodka. Lol I am such a cheapo!!! Until I make the money I want, that does not make me count my pennies, ill always look for the more affordable options! Buying a bottle of R600 champagne does not make sense to me if it will all go down the toilet in two hours!

Ever since the Alcohol ban lift, I have enjoyed Stretton’s Triple Berry gin with Fitch and Leads Pink tonic! There is no cocktail on the face of this plant, made from two drinks that were indirectly made for each other, better suited for each other.



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