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Stimorol Infinity Gum new packaging reveal

It’s been a four-year journey., my baby, has grown. And, I’ve had the awesome opportunities of working with some of the biggest beauty, lifestyle brands in South Africa, and some abroad. I’ve had sponsored posts on, and I’ve done free work, just because I love a specific brand.

But, nothing could have prepared me for the moment I received a huge, square, flat package one Wednesday afternoon in December. It was one of the most well thought out, sensitive, loving PR Package I have ever received in my life. Stimorol, you guys did a great job with the plaque. I couldn’t have guest it was a plaque, neither could I have been able to make this stuff up in my head.

When I got the package, I had just gotten back from work and was really excited to see what was in the bag. When I saw it, whatever it is, was in a huge over-sized Stimorol gum bag, the size of an A3 Page. When I opened it, I cried, in amazement and shock at what was before my eyes. Stimorol had chosen a couple of their favourite pictures of me from my social media and create a plaque I can hang on my wall. My initial thoughts were, wow, I feel so loved, so cared for. I mean, no one else had received the same package, just me. Everyone, I’m assuming, had received a personal plaque, tailored to them.

You know, sometimes in this world of blogging, it’s always, on to the next one. But, I don’t have tons of people patting me on my back and telling me what a great job I’m doing. My mother is in a different continent and so is my younger sister and brother. I have only myself in Africa. I do have relatives, cousins and aunts and uncles, but we are not as close as we used to be. People grow, priorities change, people evolve.

So, when I received this Stimorol Plaque with my pictures on it, I felt very appreciated. I felt like my hard work has paid off, I felt like someone finally recognized the work that I do. On sharing my thoughts on brands, places, restaurants, TV Shows etc.

I’ve been raised to be independent, and to not rely on anyone other than myself. Those lessons have helped me become the woman that I am today but the same lessons have made me crave human affection, that I used to ‘not care about’ because, ‘I don’t need anyone else, I can do these things on my own’. It’s a daily struggle thinking I don’t need praise, but at the same time, I appreciate it when it comes.

When I saw the Stimorol plaque I cried. I cried because the plaque means so much more to me than a gift or advertising. The Stimorol plague,to me, means that I am recognized, I am seen and I am appreciated. By family or friends or totally strangers. They see me.

Thank you Stimorol. For everything PLUS THE TWO STIMOROL GUM.



Love you guys!!! #EnjoyEveryChew

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