13 Q&As on how Stan Ngwane turned a dream to reality

Beliciousmuse: Hey Stan Ngwane. Are you ready?

Stan Ngwane Suits Tailor: Sure

Beliciousmuse: What would you like people to call you. I call you Stan… And that will never change… But other people and clients?

Stan Ngwane:  Just Stan, the suits tailor

Beliciousmuse: What happened to Stank Hume?

Stan Ngwane:  It is there, it’s the sportswear, dresses and casual. Then Stan Ngwane is strictly formal.  more like “Polo” and “Ralf Lauren”

Hhhmmmm… Ok I see.

Question 1

Describe your creative process

Stan Ngwane: It is more of a bespoke type of tailoring. Given our climate on this side of the world I make my suits lighter and less heavy than those of the English but keeping the length, fit and comfort of those of the English style

Question 2

What skills, according to you are necessary for a successful fashion designer.

Stan Ngwane Suits Tailor: The business part of it. One needs to know the business and how to handle the money because the actual skill of tailoring can be paid for.

Beliciousmuse: Yeah… That makes for a good point.

Question 3

How has your sense of design changed over the years?

Stan Ngwane: Research and the English style influence throughout the years have moulded my craft and skill, and I have learned how to switch that up to accommodate our African style and climate

 Question 4

Why did you want to work in fashion?

Stan Ngwane: I have always been a fashion lover. I have never won a prize or award in my life, and I have not been praised for anything. All I have ever wanted was to create something that is of my hands. Then I gave fashion a try and as a fashion student realized I actual did not like what was been sold at retail stores, but what I liked I could not afford. And that is how I fell deeper in love with fashion

Question 5

Who inspired you to start making suits, women’s suits to be exact?

Stan Ngwane: Zanozuku Sithetho is one of the men who helped me to refine my suits tailoring skill. He introduced me to the English bespoke style of tailoring (Savil Row London) and that is where I drew my inspiration

Beliciousmuse: I remember that time when you guys first became friends. You guys give a new meaning to lifting each other up.

Stan Ngwane Suits Tailor: Jah, and we are still friends to this day. We spent 2018 and 2019 together, He even came to my mother’s funeral and stayed for two days ☺️

Question 6

How do you deal with clients that are also designers?

Stan Ngwane Suits Tailor: Lol I ask them if they want to do the sewing themselves every time they give me attitude 🤣

Beliciousmuse: Hahahaha that is a good one😂😂😂 I mean… If you think you know more than me, why am i here?

 Question 7

What does it mean to be original or unique in fashion?

Stan Ngwane: Everyone’s life experience is different. The difference in terms of history and background gives the authenticity and uniqueness to my craft.  I never repeat designs unless by request.

 Question 8

What project has been your greatest achievement.

Stan Ngwane Suits Tailor: I can say every good suit I have made and all the good reputable shows I have showcased have been my greatest achievements.

Beliciousmuse:  Love your fashion shows. When can we get another one of those?

Stan: I will maybe have a one man show after covid, when I get my own establishment.

Beliciousmuse: Rooting for you.

Question 9

What in your opinion are the current female fashion trends and why?

Stan Ngwane Suits: I love the men’s cut of the suit jackets that ladies suits are now made of. Clean semantic longer cuts.

Oh! I forgot, and the fact that I’ve always been dating models made me want to make more female suits 🤣

Beliciousmuse: Hhhhmmm… Let us talk about your love life❤️❤️❤️ I’m kidding. 😊

Question 10

As a fashion designer how would your advice someone to dress for an interview

Stan:  For an interview one should look like a leader. Try not to over dress, be elegant  and have a sense of authority.

Question 11

We are all going to die. And I hope this next question does not offend but… Will the world miss not having your fashion when you die?

Stan Ngwane Suits: Lol not offended at all but if I had to die this young, I’m sure my clients and people I have made suits for will miss me and how I make suits and their required fit.

Beliciousmuse: We would have lost a giant in the Fashion Industry in Pretoria…Wishing you long life. Let us move on to brighter questions.

Question 12

What would you say to a thick woman who might be afraid of getting your suit or any suit because of her size?

Stan Ngwane Suits Tailor: Slim fit suits do not mean tight fit or only for slim people. Bespoke tailoring is the art of making a unique, perfect fit for all different body types, shapes, and sizes. So, it is safe to try one as a plus size

 Last question

Where can people find you on social media and mail for enquiries and purchases

Stan: @stan_ngwane suits on all social media platforms and my current work studio is at State Theatre 3rd floor No.340

Email at

Beliciousmuse: Thank you so much of your time Stan Ngwane the Suit Tailor guy☺️

Stan : Lol like that… Thank you MaBea🤗


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