Oscar Del a Renta is fast becoming one of my favorite designers. His collections are visually stimulating and I look forward to checking out his runway images straight after a show. The rate of production at NEW YORK Fashion week is sick.  It’s like ten mins after a collection has gone on display are images ready for the public to see, for whatever reasons we were not able to make it to the fashion show.

But thank God for that! We are now able to view the collection in real time if you stream it. You could also watch it on TV. On whatever channels its broadcasting live on. But that is if you don’t mind staying up until the wee hours of the morning! But some of us have jobs and sleep is hard to find these days. So we wait till the morning to indulge in whatever one else has already seen but at the end of the day we see it.

FYI: Oscar del a Renta is now shipping to South Africa. Between the not so affordable dresses and shipping costs, I’m wondering how much each item will cost. It is Just a thought.

So I’ve picked nine of my favorite looks from Oscar del a renta Spring /summer fashion from New York Fashion Week. I didn’t totally fall in love with all the pieces but maybe you will like the ones I chose. And if you still want to see more. Follow the link HERE.

  1. White is always a good color to wear in summer if you live in a tropical country and like lazing on the beach. This Oscar Del a renta dress is flawless apart from the color. As a blogger living in metropolitan South Africa white tends to get very dirty walking around in Pretoria CBD.  So even if it’s great for summer. White isn’t necessarily great in the busy urban streets.

2. More white!! Of course, it’s a spring/ summer collection. This dress reminds me of a Greek island called Mykonos. I see it all the time although I’ve never been there myself. So when I say it reminds me, I’m talking about the pictures that I see on Instagram. It’s a beautiful dress to spend time in while roaming the streets of Mykonos. The sandals do a great job at dressing it down, giving this look more of a bohemian look.

spring fashion inspirations

3. I love color, I love prints. Prints have a way of adding depth and dimension to any outfit. This 2 piece is definitely a favorite.

spring fashion

4. Red in summer? But… Why not… I do feel the dress is too long thou. Some of those layers have to come off. Wait… Am I speaking like this cause I live in South Africa where it sometimes reaches roughly 40 degrees Celsius? Maybe. I wouldn’t wear this dress in peak December thou. Will be sweating like a pig.


5. This dress is perfect for a picnic or just casual leisure and a walk down the streets. Love the pop of color at the bottom.

new york fashion week

6. This entire look is gorgeous. Dressing it up will not be a problem. Just put on a nice pair of heels and we can do red carpet.

oscar del a renta

7. An absolute favorite, again. The gold reminds me of Olympia, the perfume by Paco Raban. The sassiness, the luxury of it all. It’s crazy!!!

oscar del a renta

8. The sexiness of this dress is just amazing. I know there are bras that dip very low, so if you got big boobs, you can still pull this one off. But… I feel the dress is designed for the smaller boobed girl. And wearing a bra with it takes the classiness away unless it’s a brallet and the aim is to show the Barletta. Then it works

oscar del a renta

9. Last and definitely not the least. This is a timeless piece!!  This dress has an edgy persona with a surprisingly ethereal purity to it. Perfection!!! The waist, the attention to detail, the class is just unqualified!!!

All images cutesy of Oscar del  A Renta

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