Toni Khumalo is the founder and owner of the brand TONI! Toni is a South African fashion designer managing woman’s clothing brand based in Johannesburg. This South African fashion designer has all the goods and talent and is running a very successful female clothing line. The brand caters to the fashion forward woman who’s on the lookout for those classic pieces with edgy modern influences. This South African fashion designer says that they want to help you look amazingly gorgeous, with classic but fashionable pieces. And she stresses that these fashion forward pieces can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe and worn all year round.

When I received this dress via post I was elated and while I received it maybe three weeks ago in the dying kicks of winter I saw it appropriate to also wear in the early birth of spring. That realization lead to my conclusion that what Toni Says about making woman’s clothing wearable all year round is absolutely correct. The pieces are a fresh take on classic with edgy modern influences. Simply put, it’s Sexy Elegance! Why not celebrate other South African fashion designer s other than the normal ones that we already know and have grown to love? And since we are on the 90 % South African music tip, let’s keep everything local. Or at least try.

Toni Khumalo doesn’t only have this dress in her online store. No Ma’am… she has so many pieces ready to be shipped to where ever you are in the country which is a bold move for any South African fashion designer. The dresses or outfits purchased can take up to a week to arrive so patience is totally a must.  Everything is a working progress. We never arrive, we just get better.

Toni Khumalo’s edgy and Burberry accented pieces are made out of good fabrics to fit the modern African woman. Toni Khumalo is synonymous  to A MODERN WOMAN’S SEXY CLASSIC STYLE. Th pieces  are made to either fit your body like a glove or just fit well. This dress doesn’t just come in black and red, there is the option of getting it in beige and red. This dress in particular is double stitched and the mid-section is tight. When I wore it the first time it felt like I was wearing a waist trainer or body shaper which then accented my curves and helped to cinch everything.  What I love most about this brand is the fact that Toni Khumalo is a woman and she knows what women want.

The struggles of getting the perfect dress/ outfit for African women include;

  1. No bum space: so jeans tend to look like they squeezing the ass.
  2. Too tight middle sections: because everyone thinks African women are shaped like hour glasses but the truth is, not all of us are hour glasses and we all need to be catered for.
  3. Too short or too long dresses:
  4. Purchasing an item online but in a totally different continent. Honey, the dress reaches you sometimes even way after you have forgotten about it. It’s crazy

To all these problems Toni Khumalo has a solution.

  1. Jeans and pants are made with your specific bum measurements in mind.
  2. Mid sections are only tight if you want them to be
  3. Short dresses: You can either just makes the order online or you can call and ask for specifications to your outfit. A special request can include making the hem or arms a little longer. This is a luxury you don’t easily get from online stores.
  4. Orders coming from a different continent? Toni Khumalo is based in Johannesburg, making orders simple to courier and if not fitting well, simple to send back.

Toni Khumalo the South African brand comes in different sizes. She caters for the petite as well the fuller figured, the thick and the athletic.

View her online store here.

And make an order here:

kagiso motlhamme KAYGISM

beatrice banda outfits

kagiso motlhamme


kagiso motlhamme




TONI KHUMALO check-plad-dress-16



The images were taken by the incomparable Kagiso Motlhamme  ( call 0833476720 for bookings ) and special thanks to Sheraton Hotel for the view. Proudly made in South Africa, Pretoria.


Shop the look below

Bag: Call it spring

Shoes: Loubs

Dress: Toni


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  1. Maggie says:

    Do you have a photo of Toni?


  2. Her photos can be found on her website. Toni khumalo dot com

  3. I would like to join your agency I am a model but I don’t have portfolio and Z card

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