I’ve been back from the UK for a couple of weeks now but only recently noticed that there are a couple more fashion images I Still haven’t posted from my stay in Leicester, on my computer. The day to day life of a Busy South African Fashion Blogger.

These images are with the lovely Yolanda, one of my best friends in the UK and all around. She’s loving, sweet, kind and a whole lot of fun. We went out shopping, ate a whole lot and just simply enjoyed ourselves. I always miss her when I’m back in the RSA (Look what I did there?) lol, Republic of South Africa. But I always look forward to seeing her again weather it’s for taking fashionable pictures or just simply hanging out. On this particular day we were fashion bloggers from south africa :-).

So while we were busy taking pictures of each other, a guy from nowhere wanted to be in our shots. I was like, cool, let’s do this! We took a couple of images  of which i promised would be posted on the blog, after some persuasion lol. Anyway… I just chose this one because it seemed the most innocent, Trust me.

There were a couple of times people would just ask me for what am I taking pictures for, which was a bit daunting because nobody asks you those type of questions when you are in Pretoria, south africa blogging with your small team taking innocent Photography. Maybe they do. But even when they do you probably scared they might steal your camera, shoes, and clothes and leave you naked on the side of the road. Welcome to south Africa LOL. Ok maybe that’s a little bit too dramatic… Let’s take it down a notch and say… it was fun blogging from Britain. A South African fashion and lifestyle blogger in the UK. Yassss!! And the experience was awsome.

I think I probably have about three more sets of fashion and style images to share with you guys on the blog from across the waters so keep a look out for them. I also have one of the stylish and fashion conscious Derrick who appeared in the post about my first week in Leicester. #Justsaying

These images were taken at HIGH CROSS MALL, Leicester.

It makes me so happy when I get notifications that you guys have shared our fashion posts because that simply means you guys enjoy the blog. Please Use #Beliciousmuse when you share Our Proudly South African blog.

Thanks again for all your love and support.




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