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Christmas to me means peace and quiet. Times to relax with family, chill with friends, be merry, enjoy the food and drinks and take in the year that passed. Then look forward to the next couple of days where the sun will rise again as normal on the first of January but in our minds it will feel like a new beginning and we will start over, or at least be given another chance to do so.

For those that want to make New Year resolutions don’t let the pessimists demotivate you – Do as you please. I’ve seen memes floating on the internet about how annoying and lame New Year resolutions are, which is stupid because resolutions are necessary. Like Planning. If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.

Planning is very important. To have a successful career, social life and any other business you need to plan. But don’t get it twisted, planned things don’t always go the way we hope, but that’s ok… we have contingencies for that… don’t we? And if we don’t, we sit mid-year and reassess, see where we went wrong to rectify so we can reach our goals.

Honey, if you want to do new-year resolutions even if you always making resolutions and don’t follow through, do them anyway… maybe next year will be your lucky year and you will follow them through! But you will never know until you try.

To make this success process even more destined to succeed, take New Year resolutions seriously. Write down on a piece of paper, print them out, hang them on your wall etc. and to take that list up a notch, plan how you will reach your plans step by step, that way you will reach your goals in a tangible way.

Christmas is a time of celebrations so let’s celebrate life, our savior, family and friends and give thanks. Christmas is not a time to over think, stress or be unhappy. Be with family; don’t isolate yourself how ever horrible this year might have been. In family you will find love and they will give you strength to conquer, and encouragement for dark days that might come.

A ??? Merry Christmas to friends, loyal readers, family and extended family. In these images we just fooling around, Kagiso and I… we thought it would be fun to go all out this year with lights and this  African print Fashionable dress outfit which came with the excitement of opening gifts and mixing cultures together. The whole shebang!!?


Images shot by Kagiso Motlhamme A trigger happy cinematographer.

Dress: VestidoRose

Shoes: Atmosphere

Remember – there is power in numbers, there is power in family and there is power in love.

Hugs and kisses… Cheers MERRY AFRICAN CHRISTMAS !!!

From the Beliciousmuse Team (Spreading Love)




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