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Solange Knowles has a fashion blog that I’m only finding out about now. Ok, we all know solange is a fashionista. Her style is quirky, outlandish and sometimes retro-extreme. She’s well known for her outstanding ways and in terms of standing out, I mean, she never wears to  fit in. I love her for her prints on prints and adore her for shooting her fashion forward Music video (missing you)  in South Africa a while back.

SOLANGE KNOWLES STYLE PRINTS on prints blog is vibrant and visually invigorating. I love that not all her posts are about herself even thou she is super famous. She includes Art work from Magazines she has covered or has been featured in and credits EVERYONE. Solange is the perfect girl to have a fashion blog because her style is very different. You won’t find what she is wearing on any normal person at fashion week, but you will find girls trying to imitate it all over the world.

Solange doesn’t write much, she just posts pictures. Her blog is called MY DAMN BLOG which speaks to me as a fashion blogger a lot of reference to ‘I do what I want, this is my space’.  Come to think of it, I don’t think it even has a comment section. #TotatllyRad.

Her most recent and most radically, beautiful pieces are those from Harper Bazaar. The texture and feel of the images is of unadulterated beauty and style. I love how different ever image is and her emotions in every reflection.

Naming Solange Knowles as Beliciousmuse Style Icon of the Week is Exciting. She’s cool, she’s funky, playful, wild, sexy, and has her very own cultural zeitgeist. Her outfits scream ‘DO NOT ENETER’ Have a little danger to them because it’s easy for a person not schooled in fashion to  misinterpret her style so, tread carefully. She breaks all the boring rules about what constitutes “good taste’ but rules are meant to be broken and she breaks them oh so easily, unworried, untroubled, airy, nonchalant, insouciant.

Check out some inspirational pieces from her Blog below and share if you like.


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