rage work trousers for curvy girls

Perfect small waist wide hips pants: Rage high waist pants

The Struggle for good pants for curvy girls.

When you have a small waist wide hips ratio body, also known as the hourglass figure, it sometimes gets really hard to get pants that fit perfectly. The struggle is real. If you are a small waist wide hips type of girl, the plan is to get pants that fit the hips and later get the waist altered to accommodate the small waist.

This struggle is very common in most South African women. We usually have an hour glass figure. But even if one does not have the hourglass figure, South African women have big beautiful behinds and this creates tension when shopping for clothes, especially when shopping for dresses. But below are The Rage high waist pants for all curvy girls.

Small waist wide hips dilemma

One of the hardest things to do, when you have a small waist and wide hips, is to find dresses that fit the top as well as the bottom part of your body. Sometimes when i do my monthly or quarterly shopping, i try purchase dresses that stretch, ALL THE TIME. This practice makes things easier in terms of getting a tight dress that fits the top part of the body and oh well, the ass and thighs can squeeze into the rest of the dress. When you think about it, its a sexy vision. The female form in all its glory.

But why should we, hour glass body types, be going through so much lengths in the world of maneuvering a dress code for our bodies? Actually, why should ANY body type struggle with getting fitted pants or fitted dresses as if the only body type is proportional? So, i know it can get really frustrating shopping for the perfect dress or pants for a body type but for those who struggle with getting pants for the hour glass figure RAGE Fashions has the perfect small waist wide hips pants for casual or formal wear,

The Rage high waist pants for the win

When i first tried on these rage Pants, i already knew they weren’t gonna fit. But, i was pleasantly surprised. The pants fit and they fit well. They pants have wide hips space AND the pants have pockets. And to every other girl looking for pants to wear to work that are wide legged, wide hipped and small waisted, these pants are for you.

I really enjoyed wearing these pants and i really enjoyed the fashion shoot that happened at Brooklyn Mall with my friend Mpho. Thank YOU SO MUCH. If you looking for great, functional pants for work or semi social events, these pants are the one. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Outfit of the Day: Eish guys this outfit is really cheap. So if you want to look glam and fashionable on a budget. follow these links below for your personal purchase.

Top: MR Price black bodysuit (out of stock) find a similar one HERE

Pants: Rage High Waist pants (Get the exact High waisted trousers HERE)

Shoes: River Island and see more of the shoes HERE

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