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Its winter now but we all know that winter in South Africa is only three months but these three months can be the longest months in the year as winter drags on. What I love about WINTER thou is that spring is just around the corner, meaning that we will be able to wear our gorgeous colourful dresses with matching unicorn coloured hair and use fun accessories like cat like sunglasses for that extra wow factor! With that being said, I’m proud to announce that Slaughter and fox eye wear has teamed up with me ( to help you get ready for spring and summer by giving you premium slaughter and fox eye wear at revolutionary prices.

When I received my first pair of limited edition eye wear from slaughter and fox I was ecstatic and very happy. The packaging is boujee, the shades themselves are super high quality and the touch and feel of everything is breath taking. The slaughter and fox eye wear is not eye wear that will easily wear out etc. all products bought, taking care of them is important but what I mean by not breaking is simply that when they say premium shades, they mean high quality but what I love about slaughter and fox eye wear is their delivery on revolutionary prices.  As we all know that premium sunglasses in South Africa are very expensive especially big branded ones. Slaughter and fox is a premium brand but they don’t hike up their prices.

Ok!!!  Now for the fun part, let’s talk about money!!!  When you subscribe on the slaughter and fox eye wear website you will receive a gift voucher valued at R250.00. But that is not all that you will get, when you buy these specific shades that I am wearing or any other shades on the website, if you use beatrice60 at checkout you WILL RECEIVE 60% DISCOUNT ON WHAT EVER YOU ARE PURHCASING!  Now hurry, these premium sunglasses that I’m wearing are currently valued at R3000.00 BUT that is because they are the limited edition, meaning, they will only be available while stocks last.

I remember buying ‘expensive’ sunglasses at one point in my life at one of my then favourite sun glass store. One day my shades accidentally fell to the floor as they were hanged in-between my boobs/ chest as I was trying to take a better look at a pair of shoes that had caught my attention. They broke! My shades broke and my heart was in pain, all the money I had spent on those glasses, down the drain. (I know that what I have just explained is a common problem)  Anyway… the point is… I’m always looking for premium products at affordable prices and with slaughter and fox; I have found the perfect combination. Their starting price for South African market is ZAR 699 and the limited edition (of which they only manufacture 100 and
each pair is individually numbered) is about ZAR 2999.

My limited edition shades from slaughter and fox have a cute cat eye look, give you that futuristic diva look no other accessory can give you and these sunnies go with everything, from a couture dress to a suit to a microkini or just simply casual. Looking for the perfect accessories to complete your summer looks? Look no more. Remember to Use Discount Code Beatrice60 at check out to get 60% discount on your purchase. Buy premium, by quality, at revolutionary prices.

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