If you don’t jump to put jeans on its Sissy Boy Jeans

I enjoyed listening to Savage by Megan thee Stallion but i loved the Remix featuring Beyonce. Beyonce took the song to a whole nother level! The lyrics that stood out for me that i associated with Sissy Boy jeans are… ‘‘If you wanna see some real ass, baby, here’s your chance.
I say, left cheek, right cheek, drop it low, then swang (Swang)
Texas up in this thang, put you up on this game (Game)
IVY PARK on my frame (Frame), gang, gang, gang, gang (Gang)

If you don’t jump to put jeans on, baby, you don’t feel my pain

Denying the obvious Body Expansion

Loved how Beyonce is constantly reminding us how extremely human she is. Most women have body issues and we all tend to suffer from a mild or severe case of body insecurities. And when we gain unwanted weight its easy to fall into the trap of denial. The denial that our bodies have expanded is universally insane.

So, when we purchase jeans and the jeans are not the right size we have to literally jump into them so they can fit sweet and snug. The jeans MUST be perfect but also cover our bootylicious bodies and dangerous curves.

Thick thighs save lives

I got a bit concerned when my grown woman body started showing off by wanting to leave some of itself out of jeans in the from of rolls, to be seen by everyone. I had to lie to myself almost everyday and convince myself that i am beautiful and worthy regardless of the extra pieces of meat sticking out. And sooner or later the ‘lies’ became the truth. There is power in positive affirmation.

High waisted Sissy Boy Jeans

Always dress for your body size and type, they said. A body like mine thrives in high waisted Sissy Boy jeans because high waist jeans tend to shape the body and give it that hourglass figure. The right kind of High waist jeans can work wonders.

Sissy Boy Sculpting Jeans (SHAPE SHIFTER)

The Sissy Boy Denim Technology: Since 1986 Sissy Boy has securely established itself as an internationally recognised denim and fashion leader. Sissy Boy is about more than fashion, it’s a statement of independence and confidence. Sissy Boy embodies the provocative woman who oozes attitude, personifies glamour and above all loves herself. The Sissy Boy woman knows that true sexiness is beyond what you wear, the clothes just make it that much easier! Read more HERE

Sissy Boy has six unique denims filled with state of the art denim technology to assist their clients in looking their best. I personally love that there is a Sissy Boy jean for any one of my clothing and body needs. Whether it’s a flatter front or more bootylicious behind, Sissy Boy has something you will want. Sissy Boy Jeans are the perfect pair of jeans when you want to look fabulous without even trying.

Embracing who you are

When i hear people say, i wish i had her legs or when people say, i don’t like my arms, or when they say i wish i had her face, nose, mouth etc. It always saddens me because no matter how hard you might try and no matter how much you might want to change your features, there are some things you just cannot change. Those are the only pair of legs you will have till the day you die and the same goes for hands, feet, body structure, head shape etc. if you don’t like or want them, where do you think you are going to find a new pair? Fall in love with every flaw, wrinkle and dimple on your body and you will experience the highest level of happiness.

Ok, before i turn this post into a 10 page essay, let me wrap up and talk about Mdu, the wonderful photographer on this shoot. I love these images so much!!! Shot at Magnolia Park.

Outfit of the day

Shoes: New Look. Get the exact Pair HERE. Jeans: Sissy Boy high waist jeans, browse HERE Bodysuit is from Legit and the Navy Blue and Red Blazer is from Next, find similar ones HERE, and HERE



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