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When you first take a spoonful in your mouth, the dessert is tangy but soon sweetens up while chewing on the raspberries and bananas. What makes this dessert perfect for those on low carb, Ketogenic diets and lifestyles is that you get to enjoy a good dessert without fearing weight gain or tooth decay from all the sugars.

What I added in my ‘Healthy Dessert’.

  1. Double, Full Fat Plain Yogurt: I used the Royal Double Cream Yoghurt that is Gelatin Free and has less than 3.6 grams of Carbohydrates and Sugars. It’s very important on a low carbohydrate diet to eat only full fat Milk, cheese and yogurt but make sure the yoghurt doesn’t have added sugars and is not sweetened. When you buy the plain Yoghurt but has low fat, it makes the taste feel like its Yoghurt mixed with water. So, the double cream is better because you feel fuller for longer and its creamy. Acquired taste.
  2. Raspberries are very important on a keto Low fat diet because Raspberries and all other berries are low in Sugar but honey these berries are EXPENSIVE. Berries are a bit sweet but not that sweet so mixing them in your dessert is a huge plus. You get the nutrients of fruits without the extra sucrose.
  3. A cheaper alternative to raspberries and all other berries are strawberries. These babies ae sexy to eat, juicy and look pretty in desserts. Not much to say about Strawberries other than if you melt dark chocolate and dip them in, they can be a great source of mouthwatering madness.
  4. Bananas are not really a low carb food and I’ve added them in here because I wanted my plate to look pretty. If you ever want to add a banana, make sure its half a banana, add too much and you would have reach your sugar levels for the day.
  5. Finally, Cinnamon. Without Cinnamon, this dish would have tasted bland. Cinnamon is good for taste, texture and ‘pictures’. That brown glaze is everything. But if you don’t have Cinnamon you can add fake ‘artificial’ sugar. Just a spoon or sachet and you are good to go.

Hope this has been helpful. I always struggle with creating desserts on a ketogenic diet but now that I’ve found a few simple ideas, I’m more than happy to share them with you.

Enjoy this beautiful dessert while reading and expanding your mind.







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