Should ladies tip hairstylists at the Salon

Should ladies tip hairstylists

Should ladies tip hairstylists? That is a very important question. I’ve been doing my hair at hair salons for a while now. I have been to high end salons and i have also been to very low end salons. The question ‘should ladies tip hairstylists’ applies to any type and kind of salon.

Do you have extra money to give to ANYONE?

In general, its easier to give money to a person you think deserves it. But, if you are already paying so much money to get your hair done, should you give extra? I mean, the money you are giving to your hairstylists is already too much. Right?

But how much is too much money to pay at a salon? Well, that question is very individualistic. It depends on your pocket. For a person like me, R4000.00, including the hair pieces is a lot of money to give to one person, just to be able to look good, for approximately a month.

For some of my other friends, R10000.00 is too much and, for my other friends R600.00 is the most they can give to a hairstylist to do their hair. But no matter how much money you are willing to spend, should you tip them if you are already paying too much money? That question is easy to answer… it depends on how you feeling and how much you have.

If ladies tip hairstylists will they do a better job next time?

I found that when i tipped my hairstylist for doing a good job, she wouldn’t do such a good job the following time i went to have my hair. I would get so annoyed that i had tipped previously because i couldn’t understand how one person can all of a sudden do such a bad job on the same head.

I stopped tipping my hairstylist and said nothing when i left the salon. I didn’t express dissatisfaction but neither did i express satisfaction. I just looked in the mirror , saw that it looked good, put on my shades, payed the hairdresser and left.

Because i hadn’t said anything the last time she did my hair, she did it even better the next time after that.

Hairdressers vs Waiters

So, should ladies tip hairstylists? Tipping hairdressers is different to tipping waiters. A waiter/ waitress will serve you better if he or she knows that you are a good tipper #MyOpinion. But when it comes to hairdressing, there are no rules.

The other difference is that a waiter will expect you to tip at-least 10 to 20 percent. Hair business doesn’t have a specific amount. The reason could be because all the money that is payed to the hairdresser is hers or his or, he or she earns a commission. When it comes to waiters, the only money they make is from tips. You understand?

But if you have a great relationship with your hairstylist and she does a damn good job, tipping her will go a long way. Especially if she is the kind of person that gets motivated to do a better job by money.


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