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Steve Harvey once said that it doesn’t matter who you are, how beautiful and gorgeous you think you are, how sexy you look, if you can twerk, pole dance the works, sex is just sex to a man who hasn’t yet developed the emotions to care about you. It really doesn’t matter whether you are the girl next door, the one living in Soweto, Cape Town or whether you Beyoncé or Nicki Minaj , you are ALL the same. Sex means much less to men than to women.

Some relationships can be compared to riding the Gautrain from Pretoria to Jozi. Now let’s go to Johannesburg!!! Yay!

Girls looking for just a sexual relationship will ride the Gautrain all the way to Jozi with no stops. The Gautrain can be bad, slow and boring so you quickly get off when you get to Jozi. But the Gautrain can also be very very, very nice, mind blowing, electric and orgasmic and when you get to jozi you want to go back to Pretoria and ride again.

Most of the time the person you are riding with will tell you, sorry sessie but I’ve reached my stop, meaning , he is not interested in a relationship with you after he has gotten what he wants. So you become heart broken, it was such a good ride, so amazing and you beg this person to take you back to Pretoria but he is not interested. Girl!!!Now why would a person wanna go back to Pretoria with you after they have already reached their  final destination? ??

Then you start complaining life is unfair, men are dogs and all that crap but in the beginning you didn’t want a relationship, you didn’t want to invest time and emotions, you were scared he might say he didn’t want to stop in Centurion (why not go on the ride with someone else), you didn’t want to take that risk, so you opted for a fun one way, easy short ride to Jozi.

This girl wanted a good, happy and fulfilling relationship so she decided to stop taking the Gautrain straight. She wanted to experience the whole ride so she said she will only get on the Gautrain with him if they can stop at all the stops before reaching Jozi, he agreed, then they got on the train, stopped at Centurion, Mindrand, Marlboro, Sandton, Rosebank and eventually Park Station.

Jozi here means sex and all the other stations are stops in a relationship; Challenges, friendships, attachments, emotions etc.

Steve Harvey asked girls to abstain from sex for at least 90 days before committing to a sexual relationship and his reasoning was; when you meet a new attractive person you consider having a relationship with you don’t necessarily think clearly. What really takes over are hormones from both sides wanting to mate. When there is no sex two people can learn a lot about each other, emotions start to develop and then eventually after 3 months  (minimum) or more, if they still wanna have sex then it means they like and care for each other way more and above just the hormonal or base level of human existence and can now begin to spend time doing the dirty dirty because they have established a foundation.

For men, sex is just sex regardless of who you are. Only when sex is attached to caring for someone does the sex become meaningful to him and he can differentiate between you and the ‘other girls’ (Yes he probably has other girls which he will hopefully leave once he feels more for you in his heart than what he feels for you lol DOWN THERE ) and call you his own.

But if you going to take a ride to jozi without the necessary stops don’t blame anyone for the failure in the relationship but if it fails even after you have stopped in Midrand then it wasn’t meant to be. Move on.


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    You are a big blessing! Thank you for this.

    1. Thank you 🙂

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    Wow. Quite interesting

    1. Glad you like it Mellicia 🙂 Thanks for the visit

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