stylish crop tops and distressed jeans



Stylish crop tops and distressed jeans; It’s always interesting meeting people in the streets not familiar with Fashion blogging or blogging as a whole. So when I explain to them what it is or what it entails it is rewarding seeing them open their hearts to it and appreciate the work that millions of people around the world are doing.

Pretoria is not like Johannesburg, It is quieter, a bit conserved. Sometimes my friends ask me why don’t I just move to Johannesburg where the word blogging is almost on everyone’s lips. My reply is, Johannesburg hasn’t called me loud enough and I live 20 minutes from it anyway

Comfort zones

Me saying I’ll go when I have to is me maybe screaming for the opportunity to uproot myself from my comfort zone and explore the somewhat unknown. But why wait when you can create opportunity? Who are we again? We are THOSE people. We don’t wait for opportunity… We create opportunities and that’s why I’m in and out of there ever so often because there is where I get my inspiration and find my drive

I’ve lived in Johannesburg before, its streets are filled with flashing lights, fast paced, sophisticated and enviable evening life and not to mention the exquisites and painfully exciting nightlife in posh and high class neighborhoods. Pretoria is calmer, peaceful and each to his or her own but that wasn’t the case on this particular day

Fashion Shoot with Stylish crop tops

We did this shoot in Pretoria, while you can’t see the people waiting for us to finish our shoot; I can try to explain the reaction of one girl who loved this top. I could see the admiration on her face as we continued to shoot. Once we were done she came and told me that she loved the top but loved it even more when she saw the back. I was elated that she found it so fascinating. When I picked it this morning all i saw was an all-round gorgeous top but she found the back more captivating.

On my way home I met my boy Xolani who mentioned that I seemed a lot more comfortable with my body. I said, come on, aren’t i always comfortable with my body? He replied, you are very comfortable but today it shows even more. I thanked him for the compliment but kept thinking about it. Sometimes I seem not that comfortable? Well , there are some days I don’t feel 100 and unfortunately it shows. Then remember that even Superwoman has her off days but she gets back up in the air once she has overcome and won.

Looking good quotes

On this day I felt good, could it have been the outfit I was wearing? Maybe… you know what they say about looking good right?

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you’re working out, you look good and, if you look good, you feel good’


Outfit of the Day


Distressed Jeans: RIVER ISLAND

Boots: RAGE

Images: Siyabonga Mfuph

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  1. It’s gorgeous. The top and your body ?

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