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Shadow and Bone series review

Its 3AM Sunday morning and I’ve just finished watching Shadow and Bone. I could not stop watching Shadow and Bone and if you are a fan of fantasy like I am, you probably also watched Shadow and Bone in one Sitting. This is a Shadow and Bone review. Felt really inspired to write this review and I am hoping we share the same sentiment.

Shadow and Bone is a Love story

We quickly learn, very early on in the series that Shadow and Bone is a love story. It is not your typical love story and that is what makes this series so interesting. The two main characters (Sam and Alina) start off on a sibling kind of love and the evolution of their love from ‘sister and brother’ to a more romantic type of love is evident with each passing episode. And this sisterly brotherly type of love is not incestuous because they are clearly not related.

Sam and Alina have a connection. This connection supersedes any type of love label. Sam and Alina are the perfect example of a love without conditions and without judgement and its fun to see that explored in this Netflix Series.

Shadow and Bone is well written

There was not one time, while watching the series, that I thought to myself, ‘wow, what a cliché thing to say’, or rolled my eyes from boredom. Shadow and Bone was interesting from the beginning till the end. You can see some of the twists coming, but when they arrive you become shocked, because they are so good. Well, that was what I thought. The story telling was on point.

Shadow and Bone is intense

Shadow and Bone was very interesting and exciting. I was so involved with the Netflix Series that I sat on the edge of my seat to get closer to the action. The special effects looked like the special effects used on Harry Potter. More specifically, Voldemort and how he moves. The black smoke around General Kirigan is identical to the smoke and movement of Lord Voldemort. So uncanny. Each episode had its own cliff hanger. Literally in the middle of the action, they leave questions unanswered and build suspense.

Shadow and Bone is a Fantasy

Netflix does not make enough fantasy series. I wish that Netflix made a lot more fantasy series just like Shadow and Bone. It is too bad that we get such an amazing fantasy series once or twice a year.  I mean, I can name some of the best fantasy series Netflix has produced in the past three years and those include the Witcher, October Faction, Old Guard, Locke and Key, Better than Us, The Umbrella Academy, The OA, Cursed etc. And now that I have named them, I feel like maybe I’m just being greedy. Netflix does, from time to time, give the people what they want. But I have a point. From the few good ones, there are more bad ones. Yes, that was my initial point.

Shadow and Bone is Funny

To be honest, this Eight part series is an all-rounder. This series has action, comedy, magic, heroes, and villains. Not to give too much away, the scenes with the goat were hilarious. The scene at the table, with the taster was funny, and other bits here and there that were also lighthearted fun.

Shadow and Bone has some diversity

Shadow and Bone is a series lead by a female (Jessie Mei Li). That alone needs a round of applause. Casting Amita Suman and Sujaya Dasgupta is the cherry on top. I did not have an issue with the diversity of this series. I think the cast was inclusive and not just of black people, many American minority groups were included. The film is obviously mostly Caucasian, but I enjoyed seeing colour.

Villains and Heroes

I expected to hate the villain, but I ended up feeling sorry for him on the second last episode. General Kirigan’s back story was touching. At some point I felt pity for him, and understood why, to a large extent, he became the person that he became. Episode seven was like watching the Joker, obviously in a more diluted form, because the Joker is a movie that cannot be compared to anything. The Joker was/ is a masterpiece. Shadow and Bone gave the villain a back story and made the villain human with feelings, emotions, heartbreaks, and a shattered heart.  The villain, though immortal, was initially driven by love, but ended up being consumed by greed and power.

Recreating Titanic

I enjoyed seeing Ivan and Nina recreating the Titanic Shipwreck scene, Jack and Rose floating on a piece of wood. Difference is this time Jack Survives. Their story only really ties in with the rest of the series towards the end. Now I will be waiting for season two of Shadow and Bone, that will probably only air in April 2022.

Shadow and Bone is a good Action, Fantasy series. It is well written, has a great cast and amazing special effects. I would encourage anyone to watch it.

Ben Barnes

There is a reason why Ben Barnes looks so familiar and that’s because he played a recurring but subtle role (Logan) in West World. He also looks like Keanu Reeves and Jared Leto, maybe that’s another reason he looks so familiar.


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  1. Trey says:

    After reading now I have the Courage to watch the series. Thanks Biliciousmuse

    1. Glad I could help. I honestly enjoyed this series. Its a must watch

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