sexy black and white outfit for work blogger

The Perfect black white outfit for work: Black and white are classics that never go out of style. The crisp white shirt styled with a plaid black and white skirt Is always a safe and stylish bet if one doesn’t want to use too many colours. #Monochrome

The plaid skirt has buttons till way down and it’s a 3/4 skirt ending a little below the knees.  A vintage skirt stolen from my mother’s closet.

Hats are on trend this winter keeping you warm but also rounding off your outfit. I like the long brimmed hats but on this particular day chose a short brimmed one as you can see my hair is short and the bigger hats would just swallow and cover my head completely which was not the plan.

A dash of pink ads a spark of colour illuminating my black white outfit for work winter ensemble. I used all brown and black makeup on my face, apart from the pink, and went for an all natural look.

The sexyness of this skirt is empowering. It’s easy to say well I can’t show leg or mid drift or my ass too big or my legs too thick/thin etc but sometimes you have to force yourself to take a step into a slightly  edgier direction. If you are not gonna wear something let not your reasons be because of my body, it should be “because it doesn’t suit me”, your body is fine.

Clever women know how powerful their bodies are , to command respect, to intimidate, to make waves. Dress your body appropriately and never be scared of what people will say but more importantly dress what you like.

“Boring women don’t make it into the pages of history”. Be bold, be daring,  live your life.


Picked up the new South African elle magazine a couple of days ago. Been enjoying the read.  For those of you that like street fashion I promise you you will get so much inspiration and be forever motivated after reading it.