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Seriously Single

Seriously single is a Netflix movie that follows the life of a young, black South African girl, working in corporate South Africa. She is also obsessed with love and being in a relationship. She, the main character, Dineo, is a huge fan of social media as she is on all social networks, sharing her life and her every move. And, she works for a social Media Agency as a brand strategist.

Seriously Single Character development

Dineo has an amusing, bubbly, gorgeous, thick and stylish best friend called Noni who is an accountant by day and the life of the party by night and on weekends. She is a fun character to follow and it’s easy to fall in love with her.

The movie begins where Dineo gets dumped on-Valentine’s day and this sets the course of the whole movie as Dineo is crushed by this. Dineo’s issues are not that she got dumped on Valentine’s day but that she is now SINGLE.

Dineo and Noni are so relatable

Dineo is so relatable. When girls get dumped, the initial step is to talk to the ‘new’ guy about their old boyfriend and basically pour out their hearts in despair.  It’s a classy rooky mistake! Seriously Single is a cliché but, a fun, well adapted to the African narrative, cliché!

Seriously Single plot

The storyline is borrowed but tweaked to tell a romantic, New York based comedy, from an African perspective, with a strong black cast. The characters are a linear reflection of South African youth. It’s nice, watching a movie that shows a different, inspiring and youthful side of the South African people, with gems dropped here and there of African culture and music.

More about Noni

As a supporting cast, I can not sing her praises enough! Played by Tumi Morake, Noni is the total opposite of Dineo. She is independent, a lot older than Dineo and, you would expect her to be the more serious one but the only thing Noni is serious about is her job, getting laid, not falling in love and never getting married. Noni actually thinks getting marriage is a scam. I love her!! She knows how to live life. She is the friend you want to go out with on any Friday Night!

Did we already talk about Noni?

Noni is refreshing! In a world where being single is seen as a bad thing, watching Seriously Single will have you loving or longing for the single life. Noni is also very stylish! Her fashion and style is on point. Everything she wear looks good on her. A win for the curvy girls!

Watch Seriously Single if you have not Already done so!

Seriously Single is a must watch! A movie that is not just meant for the girls! It’s an exciting movie that follows the journey of two individuals on two different paths. One on a journey to find love and the other on a path to find herself. Seriously Single is now streaming on Netflix!  More Netflix science fiction series and movie suggestions HERE

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