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Selfish vaginas live longer: There are many things we were told about the VJJ that were so obscure we are glad we have a whole lot more knowledge on the organ today.We not sure if you were told the same thing but as teenagers we were told not to ” touch” it too often because if we did we would not go to heaven. So for fear of masturbation… we just avoided touching it. Touched it quickly while bathing but it STILL seemed like a taboo so it was AVOIDED.

Fast forward 15 plus years… Now the owner and others touch and we would assume that it feels good. But the lies we have been fed growing up are now replaced by bigger lies. And all circulating under satisfy HIM. HE has to be happy, If you don’t make HIM happy HE will leave. Well if that happens… good riddens. No one should ever be emotionally blackmailed or forced to do what doesn’t feel natural.

If a man leaves because of IT, it’s not your fault, he would have left with or without IT. We have heard horror stories on what some women go thru in order to satisfy HIM. Girl, immediately after giving birth , man is asking for it. Hhhmmmm??? Nnnaaah fam. Well… we here to tell you… Selfish VJJs live longer and are happier

Being selfish in order to enjoy, hhhhhmmmmm, is not a sin and is very understandable. In life, you cant always keep on giving, at some point, you gonna have to receive.

We present to you the Beliciousmuse SELFISH SEX guide For a healthy VJJ and happier you.

1. Selfish Vaginas lesson 101: Don’t let anyone go down on you after a shave  or wax unless everything is ok  down there. These areas are sensitive. Giiirrrrllll. Have you ever shaved using a razer or “no hair” aka veet and after, it just feels painful because the product stayed on for far too long???? If its painful, stay away from soap, alcoholic body washes and SALIVA. Next time just remove the hair with a lazer

2. Selfish Vaginas Lesson 102: If you not comfortable. Don’t allow intercourse if you on your period . You will regret it later. Some girl we know was ” pressurized” by some guy to have it. She was on her Periods but she gave in. The next morning the guys white bedroom wall had streaks of blood on it. She got up , packed her things and never saw the guy again. Plus… before intercourse it’s lovey dovey. After intercourse its sometimes… do I know you???

3. Selfish Vaginas lesson 103: Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into anal sex. If you not into it and your partner only wants it. Then you probably dating the wrong person or the wrong sex. Sexual compatibility is important. Know the others wants and needs before the relationship grows.

4. Selfish Vaginas Lesson 104: Consult your doctor if you get an irritation after using latex or scented condoms. There is no reason to go condom less unless you both tested. Plus… there are a plethora of different ways of overcoming an irritation ie medication and different kinds and types of condom brands etc

5.Selfish Vaginas Lesson 105:  Don’t not get tied up on the bed( kinky) if its not a mutual fantasy. Don’t do things for the other person… do it because you want to. Doing things only for the other person will create resentment in the long run and feelings of embarrassment and loss of dignity if things don’t pan out the way you wanted. Have you ever watched Geralds Game? lol You should… the guy ties her up to create a little more excitement in the bedroom, she didn’t want to to get tied up, mind you. To cut a long movie short, he dies on top of her before untying her. To make the long story worse, they are away from every one, in a a cabin in the woods.

Plus… adding paranoia into the mix… you could get tied up for days if the partner is a serial rapist and you didn’t know because you met him last month. #JustSaying #FoodForThought

Share your thoughts with us. Sex should be mutually beneficial… not just for one party. sometimes you have to be selfish… you “come” first.


Beliciousmuse Team

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