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Day two of SAFW 2018 WEARING ERRE.

Day two of SAFW week wearing ERRE felt like a dream. The ERRE Fashion designers asked to dress me and obviously, who says NO to ERRE Fashion. The ERRE Fashion house is based in Pretoria and I live in Pretoria. As a Pretoria Fashion, beauty and Lifestyle blogger it makes sense to always put ERRE  first.

Details of my outfit: The theme of fashion week is to wear black. I guess the reason behind this is so that the designs can shine thru on the Runway and not be overshadowed by other colours, fashion  enthusiasts wear. While wearing black is a theme and a request from fashion week officials, the rules are not always followed.

Going to SAFW week wearing ERRE Fashion can be a bit of a catch 22 because ERRE is mostly an all-black fashion house which has only recently started to incorporate colour in their designs. But being at SA Fashion week wearing ERRE while everyone else is wearing black, has its advantages. The ERRE Fashion House stands out. You can see if a garment is ERRE or not by the texture of the garment, the design of the garment and most importantly, the shape, look and feel of the Garment. ERRE fashion is one of a kind and it stands out.

Day two of fashion week and I was wearing ERRE, wheather you have seen the ERRE DESIGNS ONLINE or you’ve see them on people or you have seen them being worn on celebrities. At day two of SAFW WEEK people came up to me and asked me if I was wearing ERRE or simply told me my ERRE outfit is nice, beautiful or stunning.

I personally love the fact that ERRE Fashion is so recognizable and its become such a huge brand, expanding in store like Zando, and readily available in high end stores like Luminance.  The most lovable thing about ERRE fashion is that they cater to almost EVERYONE. Men and female can wear ERRE Fashion, it doesn’t matter the gender. I also love the fact that ERRE fashion is powerful, as they state on their website. ERRE is a different form of power dressing. ERRE (pronounced “air) proposes a new type of power-dressing that celebrates the confident side of being feminine rather than mimicking its Eighties version of shoulder pads and overtly masculine tailoring.

The ERRE woman is a style-savvy and sophisticated career woman, who needs a flexible wardrobe that effortlessly meets the needs of her multifaceted lifestyle, by giving her a high-end range of powerful and exquisitely constructed garments.

Night 2 of SAFW I got the opportunity to witness a new generation of ERRE Fashion. Their new spring summer collection got us all gasping, as we saw the rich reds, yellows and spots of pink lit up the runway as ERRE Showcased its new line. More details of ERRE’s new line to follow soon. Right now…  SHOP MY OUTFIT HERE

Net Top: ERRE Fashion

Net Flair Skirt: ERRE Fashion

Pink Shoes: River Island

Body Suit: Legit

Earrings: Lovisa

Neckpiece: Lovisa

Shades: YDE Clothing

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    1. Thanks Sinah.. Always on the lookout to making my readers happy 🙂 Glad you like it.

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