Day One of SA Fashion week was awesome, a bit of a glitch here and there warming up to all the travel each day to Sandton Hyde Park Corner but all worth it.

I had the incredible experience f meeting up with one of my favorite bloggers and Instagram Gurus Ms Lulama… she is absolutely everything you see on her social media, warm and friendly and beautiful. She wore a beautiful smile and was very approachable.

SA Fashion Week brings a lot of people together, fashion designers, fashion gurus, fashion bloggers and just simply fashion mavens. Getting to meet them is incredible because you get to know them and you guys get to exchange information, exchange ideas… This has a name by the way… It’s called NETWORKING, which I’m not the best at it, I just love meeting people, getting to know them and the business side of things gets a bit left out #sigh. But I’m learning … Everyone and everything that grows is a working progress. Even when you think you have reached the peak, if you are human and still have energy to grow, go right ahead, and work on it.

I wore this beautiful white dress from SUPERBALIST. It’s called the AMY LACE SHIFT DRESS in IVORY. The dress looked ok on the model but on me it looked too short and I couldn’t wear it, when I walked the lining would creep up and stick right under the bum, you get what I’m saying? Yep! So I finally decided to extend the dress lining which then made the dress more wearable for FASHION Week. Short dresses are cool for clubs and parties but fashion week is a bit different. You can wear a short dress but showing off your legs should not be the status quo, the prerogative is to wear a stylish dress that shows off your legs. The point of fashion week is simply that, fashion. So I try to make it a point to wear a fashionable dress, other than a just a short dress.

You can purchase the dress HERE and brows for more dress options on the SUPERBALIST Website and make sure you get a chance to check out what went down at the Rimmel London makeup booths as well as a bit of the fashion rocked by fashionistas at fashion week.




sunglasshut south africa

Sunglass HutBabes  sa fashion week ss 2016 what to wear 4

sa fashio week ss 2016 what to wear 6

sa fashion week ss 2016 1

Fashion Week Enthusiasts

african fashion blogs clothes white dress

Full Outfit with my ambre body tones

sa fashion week blogger dress code 2

Sunglass Hut Craziness

south africa fashion week rimmel london beauty makeup

Rimmel London Beauty

sa fashion week 2016 sunglass hut fashion bloggers


sa fashion week ss 2016 what to wear

fashion week 2016 ss pictures

Images provided by Samantha Moodley : slim photography


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