Day Two of Sa Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2016 was a storm. It was cold and a whirlwind figuratively and literally but Keys fashion was the key to brighten or warm up the gloomy weather. Keys fashion brought on the heat. The sexy dresses almost burned the runway… it was heat after heat one beautiful exist at a time.

The skin we saw on the Keys Fashion runway was a lot. But that’s what girls like right? Take Beyoncé for example, her target market is girls, women, ladies but she still performs in just her undies, why? Because we love seeing skin and we adore those that can wear it with confidence and sass.

So as soon as i thought that we had seen enough skin, out of nowhere comes another gorgeous body embellished in what seems like hand delicate bead work. The Beading, the makeup, the natural hair on black models the curly, flawless hair on the white models to me seemed like a real way of exploring ethnicity and comfortability in who we are as a rainbow nation. The makeup was feminine, light touches or natural shades and roses lips.

Saw one of Keys fashion dresses on Rolene Strause when she did the Cosmopolitan Cover some time last year. The price on the dress was enormous but I later got to understand why. The dresses are not just mass produced hey, they are creatively created and the finest fabrics chosen. Someone just doesn’t sit and ‘cut out’ these fabrics, they are carefully tailored with attention to detail being the highest order.

Too much skin you say? But when have you ever seen a Keys Fashion Show that didn’t shock you with  fun-size nipple action, G-strings and a little ass -)

Images provided by Ivan.


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