sa fashion week day 2 2016 clive rundle


This time around SA fashion week was presenting a spring / summer collection meaning that we will probably be able to buy these garments in the spring or close to the end of winter. Some SA Fashion week collections are available now on some online platforms like SPREE to purchase. The honest truth is when spring time comes we would have maybe forgotten about these collections if we don’t keep seeing them on our screens or online so thank God for online shopping, especially the gift of being able to purchase runway fashion immediately off the runway.

Out of breath moments

One out of breath moment was when we almost lost ourselves gazing at Clive Rundles Collection. It was ooohhhs and aaaaahhhhsss especially with the last piece appearing on the runway, with a model wearing what seemed like a crown. Absolutely impressive. I’m only looking at the garments that the model wore now but to be totally honest with you I didn’t see the clothes no her then, all I saw was the beautiful, eye catching crown on this African woman’s head.

Guys, I have to say that the shoes at Clive rundles show gave the models a break from the high heels. Loved it and I felt that they were more confortable…But lets face it guys, these models are bad ass. They can walk in anything and make It look super easy. Sometimes they glide like in the Luner show; sometimes they storm out guns blazing like in the Clive show.


There were about three moments that took my breath away at day one of South Africa Fashion week. First one was when I saw the Lunar Fashion Show. The clever use of natural fabrics was refreshing, the whites and the sensuality of all the garments in terms of their ‘fluidity’ made for a great show.

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