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Dope Coupe:SA FASHION WEEK day 2

After tonight I can safely say that I absolutely love SA Fashion Week DAY 2 especially Dope Coupe!!! Where in the world have you ever seen such an exact representation of the people that ACTUALLY wear Dope Coupe? Only at South African Fashion week. And soon this trend will take over the world.

Tonight marking the last day of SA Fashion week I saw some of the most awesome men and female wear, with lots of extra ordinary stuff going on in there. Just a quick tantalizer: I saw, and this is for the first time during SA FASHION WEEK, short, great bodied, strong girls on the runway for a brand named DOPE COUPE which was absolutely fabulous!!

Because I was sitting on the front row I wasn’t too sure if the models seemed shorter or if it was just the angle I was sitting at. But when I thought about it deeper, I realized, nah man! These girls are short because, when Siyabonga wants to make me look taller in HD he usually takes the picture from a lower angle, meaning that they should have looked taller, not short. Problem solved.

If you have been following New York fashion week, right down to London Fashion week, followed by Paris or/and Milan you will notice that a couple of designers have used normal looking people and/ or celebrities to model in their shows other than the traditional Victoria Secret Goddess whom some of us normal earthlings can’t relate to.

When normal human being see what they aspire to wear on models that represent them, that is respect and, when Fashion Bloggers like me see that kind of change on the runway, that is mind blowing.

Well done DOPE COUPE. A Job well done

The Below pictures are what I wore on Day Two of SAFW shots taken by Siyabonga Mfuphi



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