SA FASHION WEEK WITH MAPS MAPONYANE Day 3:  A Geek in-between Shows

Day Three of SA Fashion Week with Maps Maponyane  was astounding. I say this because we got to see most of the shows of the night. We unfortunately missed the first show, we were late. But right on time for the Lufthansa Show which transformed a great night to a remarkable one.

 Fashion week production for the Lufthansa show was stimulating. The experience was like being in a plane ready for takeoff.  I remember telling Slindle, my partner in crime for the evening, how exotic the cabin crew members voice on the ‘speaker’ sounded like.

The Lufthansa show was in actual fact a competition between five designers. Janez Vermeiren from Top Billing was the MC, and a winner was chosen at the end of the show. I personally liked Somerset Jane and Thabo Makhetha but it was Yadah Exclusive Designs that took the trophy home. Big up to her. Her collection was very colorful, fun and vibrant, not my personal taste but with all objectivity, I understand why she won.

Outfit details

 My outfit for the evening was impulsively put together on the Friday. I wanted a more mischievous look as my look the day before was a bit too safe. The Skirt is from Rage and it’s still available at selected stores. The top from Ghetto Link, shoes from Diva Shoes, accessory pieces stolen from Slindiles wardrobe plus clutch from YDE.

I have to tell you about my experience at SA Fashion week with Maps Maponyane :-).  For those of you who follow me on INSTAGRAM you would already know that although Maps mponyane is #MCM for almost every woman. I also joined the pack. Crushing even more after he re-posted the picture I tagged him in on Instagram and Twitter.  #MadeMyYear! 

The picture of My SA FASHIONWEEK with maps maponyane was taken in-between SA FASHION WEEK shows.  Its where we  got to mingle with other fashion lovers, bloggers and TV personalities etc. It was a damn good night with images provided my Xolani Nkuta.

Asking Maps Maponyane for a Picture

My friend Slindile and i saw him talking to other people in between shows and we were too scared to ask him to take pictures with us. So, our photographer Xolani saw our distress but could not understand the issue. We tried to explain that if we got the opportunity to even ask him to talk take a picture with us, we would completely and absolutely faint.

So he took it upon himself to ask Maps the burning question. Maps Maponyane is such a team player and he is very charming. He said yes to Xolani’s request and the pictures were taken.

It was a beautiful night, filled with giggles between friends, hearts melting when we saw some of our favourite male crushes and hearts palpitating from seeing some of our favourite female personalities. Every one looking gorgeous and every one smelling divine.

Will be posting more on the collections we saw this night as the week progresses so keep a look out.

I love you guys!!



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