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The Ruched Burgundy dress

The ruched Burgundy dress: When I left to go visit my family in the United Kingdom, I was excited because I was also going to be working with this awesome Fashion company called FemmeLuxe. FemmeLuxe is a fashion brand based in Britain and they ship all over Europe. It is easier to get parcels shipped in the UK from a UK Company, the same way it is easier to get clothes shipped in South Africa from a South African based clothing company. FemmeLuxe does ship all over the world but I would recommend to buy FemmeLuxe clothing when you get a chance in the UK or when you are visiting Europe. They have powerful next day delivery and I think that the FemmeLuxe hub is based in Leicester and that is where I was staying for most of my stay in Europe. So, the delivery would almost be ‘immediate’.

Nude Ruched Dress

When I received by first package form FemmeLuxe (it was a nude ruched dress, but now we talking about the ruched burgundy dress), I remember being so excited and being in awe at how beautiful and how sexy but classy most of the midi dresses were. Those of you guys that know me know that I am not a fan of dressing or layering up. Which defeats the purpose of fashion blogging because fashion blogging is all about showing how a piece will look like styled with other fashion pieces. And, that Is not something I like doing, layering. I hate being covered but I will succumb to layering jewelry pieces and accessories.

Wearing midi dresses from FemmeLuxe is a gift. The FemmeLuxe brand creates style pieces that are, as mentioned earlier, both classy and sexy. The clothes are some what sophisticated and sexy because although they cover the body well, they are bodycon dresses. And the dresses are created with gorgeous and beautiful material. One thing I love most about the femmeLuxe dresses, especially the one I’m wearing now, in these images, is the Ruching. The Ruched Burgundy dress is a must have if you are into evening night outs, dinner dates or even unconventional work wear.

Dresses for curvy girls

As a girl, you can wear a ruched burgundy dress however you like. How I would wear this dress though would be with shape-wear underneath and layer with jewelry, which aren’t featured in the images, and obviously, the maroon or Burgundy shoes.  When you are curvy, it is paramount to wear clothes that accentuate your curves. Well, I do. I like stretchy clothes that brings out my silhouette perfectly. I love to show the small of my back, the wide of my hips and the plumpness of my breast. To me, showing that just means that I am confident in all my flaws and I am willing to allow others to judge or appreciate it. The long and short of it is that, it doesn’t matter how I look, I love myself.

The evolution of Midi dresses

I really like short dresses but Midi dresses have taken over my soul. When you wear sexy dresses that cover, you get a different kind of man looking at you and admiring your femininity. Although I will still wear short dresses, I love the kind of attention I get when I am covered. The gaze from males is more respectful and more of intrigue than lust. Men are so used to seeing women naked that when women are dressed up, its like a ‘new thing’ to them. It’s hilarious, but very true. And the type of guy to look and admire a woman wearing a sexy ruched burgundy dress is a man who understands life.

So, my point is, there is a time for everything. There is a time to wear the mini and there is time to wear a midi ruched burgundy dress. There is a time to be naked and a time to wear a thin bikini at the beach. There is a time to cover up like a nun but there is also a time to drench the body in the natural mists of the sky and go skinny dipping in a river. Be comfort-ability is all i’m preachy and to dress for the occasion.

Where to find ruched Burgundy dresses

This ruched Burgundy dress is from FemmeLuxe and you can purchase it directly HERE. The Dress is called the Malia and it is perfect for the curvy girl. I love ruched dresses for curvy girls but this dress is suitable for any type of body type. I do however, regret not taking the smaller size. I wish I ordered the medium because the large is a bit too big. When I ordered the nude similar midi dress, it fit perfectly. This one does not fit as well, only because it is a large but that’s o.k. We live and learn. Check out more ruched Midi dresses here. Thanks for the read. Check out more femmeLuxe dresses  HERE.

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