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Royal Elephant Hotel Enchantment: Brunch with Rose

Enchantments at the Royal Elephant Hotel

Royal Elephant Hotel: There is something magical that happens when two long-time best friends reunite. There is a sense of urgency when it comes to catching up but there is also a sense of peace and tranquility. The calmness arises because you know you can do no wrong and that she will always have your back. The anxiety that might accompany the meetup can be conjured up from the fact that two best friends have not seen each other in a while. Life has happened and the eagerness to share cocoons the room.

I have known Rose for more than half my life. I was lanky and a bit shy and she was my best friend with beautiful full lips and a humble, gentle spirit. I’ve loved her ever since I can remember. But all true friendships have gone through the fires of hell but have come out victorious. Yes, A bit burnt from the heat, but together. The meetup at the Elephant Hotel in Centurion was a reminder of how much I enjoy this woman’s company but also the reality that we do not have to see each other daily for us to still remain best friends.

Rose Mashego

Rose is Rosie. It’s beautiful to remember how far we have come. It’s important to look back occasionally and stare in awe at the current progress. Rose and I have this thing where we talk about the actual day we became best friends. I think we were in uniform, and I had accompanied her to her place. I remember we bought some spy-kos and shared a meal. We were teenagers in high school, thus the uniform. And to look back now and sit across the table from this beauty of a specimen helps me keep safe the memories we shared In a quiet and private place in my heart.

Love seeing women happy.

I love seeing black women happy and taken care of. What I love to see in others I enjoy seeing within myself. I love seeing women being taken care of by men that love and adore them. And as much as I love seeing that kind of princess treatment, I love that Rose and I can provide for ourselves the life we want to live.

We have achieved so much and no one can take that away from us. We have climbed some mountains and have fallen off, but we have climbed even bigger mountains and conquered them. Cheers to Us!

The Royal Elephant Hotel and Conference Centre

The Royal Elephant experience is shaped by a kingdom, past and present, by royal design and elemental grace, by the symbols and smells, the colors, echoes, and reflections of Morocco & North Africa. I was a couple of minutes late. Ok, maybe not a couple. The point is that I found Rose at the Elephant hotel and she had picked an extremely gorgeous view. She sat on a table for two by the poolside and she looked breathtaking.

The weather was perfect, but my only regret was that I  didn’t pack a bikini. Would have been nice to lavish by the pool in swimwear.

If you guys follow me on Instagram then you must know that even though I love fashion, I am also highly into lifestyle experiences: food, spa, fun sports, concept stores, you name it. If I’m not posting what I’m wearing, I’m posting the perfume of the day/week, and if it’s not a perfume it’s my favourite sparkling wine, champagne, or prosecco! And, if that is not enough, I love finding beautiful weekend hideouts in South Africa or abroad to share with you guys.

The Royal Elephant hotel and conference center is magical. I didn’t know that such a gorgeous place exists in Centurion. Forever blessed to have friends like Rose who are bad and boujie that keep introducing you to a lifestyle of constant luxury.

Anyway… I hope you guys enjoyed the read. Leave a comment, and a like, and please share this post. It really means a lot to me.


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