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Fashion week gave us these awesome goody bags filled with Rimmel London Makeup Products. My favorite from the goody bag was the Rimmel London Scandalous eyes Mascara as well as the Rimmel London Lipstick in the colour Revolution Red. Other makeup products in the bag included Rimmel London It’s a keeper (200), Kate Moss Collection in Rock ‘n Roll Nude and the other Kate Moss Lipstick in Idol Red.

For Brown skin tones id say Wear the Rimmel London Lipstick in the colour it’s a Keeper as a nude. It looks awesome on ebony skin. The Kate Moss Rock ’n Roll nude is a perfect nude for fairer skin tones. But, in all fairness, wear whatever colour you like for any occasion. Makeup is about creating looks and not always taking the safe route. If you believe you can and you look good in it, I say go for it.

Both of the red lipsticks from Rimmel London South Africa look like a dark orange. Any orange lipstick looks great with a full face of makeup as orange is a noteworthy colour and stands out. But, I loved the Rimmel London Lipstick in the colour Revolution Red so much that I used it for this review to show you how it looks on my brown (cappuccino) skin tone. When I tried comparing the two reds (Revolution Red as well as the Red from the Rimmel London Kate Moss collection, I found little or no difference in terms of colour and shade. They both apply really well, they have a satin, close to matte finish and they sparkle a bit. The moisture in all the Rimmel London Lipstick s keep your lips hydrated the whole day so you won’t feel like your lips are about to crack, compared to if you had applied a matte Lipstick

Because my eye lashes are already curly, i found the Scandalous eyes mascara empowering. The bristles on the Rimmel London scandalous eyes mascara are thick so the mascara gives a dramatic look. So if you want to creative a more pronounced and eye catching look without using falsies, Rimmel London Scandalous Eyes is the way to go.

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