Copy 11 Rihanna Prints style looks on a budget

Rihanna has been known to wear clothes that are at both extreme ends of luxury and basic as well as in the middle. She makes wearing clothes look simple. While most of us struggle with picking a stylish look for the day, Rihanna wears WHATEVER and makes it look out of this world. Rihanna wears a variety of style but today we are focusing on Rihanna prints style and where to get similar looks from local online brands like Spree and Superbalist.

A major key to wearing prints and looking good is to wear a basic outfit. This is one simple way to set the basis for a stylish outfit: wear basic but always in style outfit. This can include jeans and a plain t-shirt. Then, add pieces to this to make it in line with current fashion trends. Rihanna’s prints style look with jeans has that IT Factor. She wears a simple and basic pair of jeans and adds a printed but stylish and on trend long coat with a crop top.

And, when you add a pair of heels, wedge sandals, boots, kitten booties, or whatever shoe is stylish and on trend right now. Basic pieces look great with everything. And, in autumn or winter adding Blazers and cardigans to basic pieces are great ways to match a Rihanna prints style inspired look. Scarves in autumn and winter are an easy way to look Rihanna stylish. And a printed scarf adds to winters blue outfit.

Rihanna, in these images is almost always wearing a hand bag. The ever so stylish Rihanna wears prints with matching printed bag. Some celebrities and fashionistas spend more money and time on the perfect handbag than they do clothes. Make that basic jeans and t-shirt super stylish by carrying an expensive and stylish printed bag to a look and your morning will be off to a great start.

The not so basic Rihanna prints style inspiration

If you are not into wearing anything basic, try the not so Basic Rihanna prints style inspiration.  Instead of starting with a basic outfit, go for a trendy garment. Try a wild print dress, a shirt in a bold color, or a style that is super chic. Balance the garment out with basic accent pieces, like a solid cardigan or jacket, black pumps, or a small clutch.

The key to any style is balance. Everything you wear should be tasteful and match. When you wear wilder pieces, that should be the focus of your outfit. Everything else should be muted and downplayed. You don’t want to clash with the stylish printed piece or take the attention away from it.

Accentuate your best features.

When Rihanna outs on clothes and steps out, it sometimes feels like watching a movie. A thriller, you never know what to expect but you like it because it is a thrill. In Rihanna’s prints style, you will notice that whatever she wears always looks good on her and she always shows us her best features.  Ive been told I have great legs and so I show them off EVERY CHANCE I get. You have a nice butt, or a great chest. Emphasize those assets! Use certain cuts, embellishments, and colors to emphasize certain body parts. Rihanna does that all the time.

If you have great legs or a great butt, wear skinny jeans. Try to make sure your shirt doesn’t cover up your buttocks. Try a dress or a skirt that lands above the knee if you have great legs and obviously ear it to an appropriate event. Wear low, tasteful necklines if you want to get attention to your beautiful chest and wear sleeveless shirts and dresses if you want to show off your arms.

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