Rihanna has a look that I love and thought it to be great to share with you guys how it translates on me. I was a bit skeptical at first because of her fair skin tone but I made it work by using different shades similar colours of makeup to accommodate my chocolate skin.

Eyes: Rihanna used a black eye liner around her entire eye but winged it with a dark blue one. I used brighter blue eyeliner because the darker blue would just look like black on my skin tone and that’s not what I wanted.

Cheeks: Rihanna has dewy peach cheeks and contour around her nose. My ebony skin doesn’t do well with peach cheeks so I used a light orange blush (Black Up) to achieve that look.

Lips: Rihanna opted for a medium pink lipstick and I opted for the more purple pink which goes perfectly with this look. (Revlon Crayon 025)

Eye Brows: I chose the brown brow which is a little lighter than my hair. Rihanna’s hair is super black so gray or medium black eye brows do the trick.

Hair: I did not want to shave my hair on the sides for this look so because I have longer hair i took a square of hair in the middle, pulled the rest back and brushed the middle hair in front, combing it well to get the hair to cover parts of the eyes.

Foundation and Powder: I used Clinique stay matte foundation but you can use which ever foundation best suits your skin tone.The powder is from INGLOT.

Having natural tresses has made it possible for me to re create this look and has given me even more ideas on different hairstyle one can do with natural hair. I hope this has inspired you to let your own hair breath  from time to time , if you are a weave lover, and enjoy the pleasure’s that come with your own God given glory.

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