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You might be thinking that this post is all about messy hair, but sorry to break it to you, it’s not. This is about the L’Oréal 24 Hour Liquid MAKEUP BEAUTY Foundations in the color cappuccino. The hair is just an extra. I wanted it wild and out!! But if you thought that this post is about beauty and maybe hair, then mission accomplished!  #Wink

Now let’s get down to Biznzi!

Choosing the correct shade of foundation is the most important and the best thing you can ever do for yourself, when it comes to makeup beauty. As the name suggests foundation lays the base of the face and if the foundation is wrong or not laid out properly then the house crumbles and falls apart.

In the previous makeup beauty post I realized that Mahogany is a good color for me, but it isn’t necessarily the best one. Skin changes all the time. When stressed out it becomes horrible, in summer it flourishes with vitamin and D and when happy it shines bright and so forth and so on.  The point is; your skin can look different in and out of season etc.

My skin can look awesome using L’Oréal Mahogany as well as L’Oréal Cappuccino. When you get a chance to check out L’Oréal 24h Matte Liquid foundations for your own skin type, try taking a closer look at L’Oréal 24 hour Matte Cappuccino and Mahogany together. You will find that they look so similar one could say it’s the same color. But they’re not the same.

Mahogany has a deep red undertone, while cappuccino has a slightly more yellow undertone. You now see why I said choosing foundation is the first and most important step in applying makeup? Cool!

Now that it’s getting a little warmer, I’ve decided to start using L’Oréal 24 Hour matte liquid foundation in the color cappuccino as my skins completion has slightly changed and become a little lighter. And, knowing myself, my skin will probably end up one more shade lighter before end of spring. The irony is that by the end of December, my skin will probably become darker because of sun burn but that is something that can be avoided.

Anyway, back to L’Oréal Pro matte 24 hour foundations. Remember to use a primer each time you apply foundation as this helps foundation to stay on longer, apply smoother and look so much better and more professional. What are your thoughts on any matte Liquid foundation?


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